Albuquerque – Make Your Holidays a Great Experience

Albuquerque holds the tag of being the largest city of the New Mexico state, US. It enjoys the status of having a county seat of Bernalillo County. This beautiful city is situated right in the middle of the state that covers the Rio Grande.

The evidence states that the inhabitation around the area dates back 12,000 years. The first settlers were the Anasazi Indians who settled in the place and occupied the area for about two centuries from 1100 to 1300.

With the goal to find one of the mythical seven cities of Cibola, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado migrated to north of the nation from Mexico in 1540. The site where his troops and belonging took shelter has now turned into a state monument which is situated to the northwest side of the Bernalillo town.

Over a period the United States claimed for the territory by establishing an army post in 1846. It was established by General Stephen Kearny. With the conclusion of the war the Anglo settlers such as businessmen, professionals began to arrive here. Later in 1885, it was incorporated as a town and then after six years it gained the status of the city.

Albuquerque being the only major city of New Mexico is bustling city with a lot of scope for tourism. It exhibits a range of major strip mall area with panoramic mountainous views along with the dessert surrounding the areas. It also exhibits some of the most important structures that were founded in seventeenth century. These structures give city historic values and identity.

This vibrant city offers a lot to their guests in form of Cliff’s Amusement Park, Reo Grande Zoological Park, art galleries, museums and several other attractions.

The Cliff’s amusement park is one of the fabulous sites that every member of the family will enjoy being here. This exciting amusement park is situated in the center of the city Albuquerque. This is a 15 acre family owned amusement park that features around 25 heat stopping rides. It also includes a long flume, steel roller coaster which is the only wooden roller coaster of entire Mexico.

This must visit amusement park will certainly bring a smile on your face by seeing your children or spouse enjoying at the fullest.

It also covered some of the best museums in Albuquerque such as the American International Rattlesnake Museum, the New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum, the iExplora Science Center and Children’s Museum and many more. The thrilling and exciting American International Rattlesnake Museum is like an information guide about the vicious rattlesnakes and one can find the different varieties of rattlesnake species live in this museum.

The New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum is another great place for preventing Hate and Intolerance of the society through education. The purpose of the society is to educate the people with the Holocaust and to harmony for others.

There are a range of attractions nearby the city of Albuquerque include the Acoma Pueblo which is an exotic town situated on the rock mesa. It is a major attraction for the tourists coming to Albuquerque along with the Casa Rondena Winery situated in the historically significant North Valley offering wine tasting and brewing information.

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