Amusement Parks Regale Young and Old Alike

Until the late 1970s, a child and even a teenager would have responded to a poser as to where to spend the weekend or a holiday with a lively song from the Hindi movie, Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan. Yes, thus were the lyrics of this 1978 film:

Manu Bhai Manu Bhai
Manu Bhai Motar Chale Pam Pam Pam
Manu Bhai Motar Chale Pam Pam Pam
Manu Bhai Motar Chale Pam Pam Pam
Chowpatty Jayenge Na Bhelpuri Khayenge
Chowpatty Jayenge Na Bhelpuri Khayenge
Achhi Achhi Surto Se Najre Ladayenge
Halla Machayenge Gulla Machayenge
Band Baja Bajega Dhum Dhum Dhum…..

Indeed, this song could have been of relevance only in Bombay since the beach named Chowpatty exits only in this metropolis (now known as Mumbai). In fact, there are two such stretches, one at Juhu and the other at Girgaum, one end of the Queen’s Necklace along the Marine Drive.

However, one can hum and also sing aloud this number even in the landlocked national capital, New Delhi. The credit for this could be attributed to an enterprising venture of an amusement park that was set up in early 1980s. And this was aptly named after Appu, the mascot of the Asian Games that was hosted in this city.

Thus one could plan a memorable outing at this enchanting venue. It was the much preferred destination for day-long picnics organized by various schools.

Spread over 15.5 acres of expansive area near the centre of the city, this amusement park boasted of assorted attractive events and recreational facilities for the visitors. These were:
Different rides for childrenThrilling Swings like the Big Splash, the Roller Coaster, the Columbus Jhoola, the Giant Wheel and My Fairy Lady etc.Simulated Skiing on snow, Sledge Rides and rowing in CanoesA Water Park covering an area of over 3.5 acresA Swimming Pool of crystal clear blue watersThe Tower of ThrillsRides o Hi WavesAlthough in due course, after nearly a decade of providing excitement to both the young and the old alike, this amusement park had to cease operation from its original venue, its success led to the setting up of another Water Park Delhi could boast of at a different location. It also motivated similar amusement wonderlands in the four corners of this mega city.

Additional features of these new paradises were multi-fold ranging from ample free car parking for the visitors, trained life guards and centres to render First Aid in case of emergency, Lost & Found counters, food courts to cater to the gourmets, rooms to relax and change and halls for parties and conferences halls to professional event organizers accredited to the water parks.

The success story of Delhi has resulted on an encouraging note for the setting up of one more Water Park in India by a like-minded entrepreneur. Reportedly, such water parks across the country have adhered to safety norms of various facilities at par with international standards. As such no weekend would be a dull one in New Delhi and its neighbouring satellite cities of Gurgaon, Faridabad, NOIDA, Ghaziabad and Sonepat, popularly referred as NCR (national capital region).

While all these parks with lucrative package with several features like Water Coaster, Swan Boat, Side Winder, Splash Down, Splash Dunk, Z-Force, Twister, Flip Out, Cyclone, Sea Horse, Sky Riders, Wild Wheels and Space Jump rides part from the Lightning Bolt, Bungee Trampolin and Air Pogo among others, the visitors on their part must abide by the prescribed safety guidelines. Thus the visit could be embedded in one’s memory for all times to come.

I am Mr. Gian Vijeshwar, a Sweden based NRI with the primary objective to conceptualize and set up India’s first Water Park Delhi.