Amusing Amusement Parks

Amusement park, the name in itself brings a thrilling impact on everyone. To celebrate, enjoy or party, the thought of an amusement park is inevitable as fun is synonymous to it. In India, these are the new hot spots where people like to spend all of whatever leisure time they have. These amusement parks take care of everything that a person can possibly desire for in the hours of luxury. These parks are so amusing that they are preferred to as amusement parks. The overall ambience of the place is so amazing and exciting that uplifts the spirit of a person. Now days these amusement parks contribute largely to the ministry of tourism as large number of people wishes to spend their free time here.

There are many amazing amusement parks. Starting with the first of its kind, Essel world in Mumbai attracts various fun lovers. It has managed to remain a favorite. It has over 30 rides, a Water Kingdom water park, bowling alley, ice skating rink, and Aquadrome dance floor. The highlight is the frightening new Monsters in the Mist dark ride, which is apparently the first of its kind in India. It is the most famous amusement park. Another famous park is the wonder lake which has around 50 rides, 12 of which are water based. Wonder La doesn’t disappoint. Apart from the rides, it has other attractions as well. One should not miss the Rain Disco; one would simply fall in love with this world class amusement park.

There are many amusement parks in the capital city of Delhi. The adventure island in Delhi is a famous one and grabs the attention of many. There is a mall attached to it and a wonderful lake, one can boat in the water. The amusement park has so many rides which are thrilling and some are really scary and challenging. The fun which it gives is really amazing. The worlds of wonder in Noida is not so big but the challenging and enjoyable rides that it has can be tried. Fun and food village also offers many amusing things. It has some 21 rides and 22 water rides. It is so much fun to be here.

Lush and tropical Veega Land is set into the side of a hill, and has around 40 rides and attractions. The rides are classified into four types: Family, Water, Kiddies, and Hair Raising. Wonder Splash, a boat journey into a cave filled with mystery followed by a splash down into a crystal clear pool, is popular. There’s a 3D movie theater as well. It is situated in Kochi. Ramoji Film city in Hyderabad also has some of the swings but it attracts tourist as it is the film city, one can have a glimpse in how the films are shooted and appear so real.

There are many other amusement parks spread all over the country. There are various water parks as well, which are confined to water sports and water rides only. So, apart from enjoying the nature, one can anytime take part in the enjoyment of rides.

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