Keeping Kids Safe At Water Parks {image]

Kids like water and water parks are a great place to have fun. With its various wave pools, giant slides, and squirting fountains, water parks give visitors numerous ways to beat the summer heat. Before dipping in the water. however, you should read this. Because some pools can be difficult for kids, here’s how to avoid trouble:

Study how to swim. This may be obvious but plenty of non-swimmers go to water parks with the mistaken belief that they’re safe. Instruct your kids to swim early in life so they can play in the water. Take swimming lessons too in case you have to rescue your kid. If your child cant swim, give him a life jacket. Don’t take a chance.

Check the location. Before going to a water park, see if it has enough lifeguards. Know where they are stationed and if they can easily handle an emergency. Before going on a ride, read the signs to determine whether its safe for you or your child. Is your kid tall enough or old enough for the ride? How deep is the water? Do you or your kid have any medical problems that make you unsuitable for the ride? If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask.

Check if there’s a lifeguard at each ride and listen to instructions. Wait until the rider in front of you has passed a safe point before you or your kid go down the slide. See to it that your child is positioned correctly on the water slide. Many children go down with the head first but this isn’t allowed. Always go down face up and feet first. Other positions are dangerous.

Older kids in speed slides must cross their legs. When moving to another ride, don’t run or you may slip and hurt yourself.

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