Novelty Buttons: The Old/new Way To Express Yourself

The new fashion comeback kid this year has to be novelty buttons. I remember as a kid buying novelty buttons (usually with funny slogans) but today’s buttons are more likely to have theme cartoons or graphics that go with the clothing on which it is pinned.

As a child of Woodstock, we felt that expressing ourselves, our feelings, our needs, was the most important thing. We actually had that part right, we simply did not know how to reach that goal. We left it to psuedo-gurus like Timothy Leary.

Looking back, we were hardly original. But it was fun to think we were. Talking back to our parents and teachers was fun, or at least it seemed quite cool at the time. Little did we know we were quite a bit out of control and merely trying to express ourselves.

I am not saying that we did not have some originality. We were, to my knowledge, the first young generation to stand up and question authority, which was, no doubt, fueled by a combination of chemical experimentation and the quagmire we found ourselves in in Viet Nam. Today, I can wear a novelty button of my choice and make a fun theme out of my day, in a way like visiting Disneyworld. It often sets the topic of conversation wherever I am, especially if I’m wearing a matching tshirt and cap.

Of course we are in a more subtle world now. We don’t make waves like we used to. We make “ripples” with our blogs on the Internet.

I wonder if I am just an isolated incident or if everyone gets asked “Do you have a web address?” I get asked it five times more than if I have a street address. I guess people expect to see me dressed in my tee/button, cap combination, which, as I write this, seems like a very good idea. A button of the week club, or something silly like that. Hey, it’s healthy and its expressing oneself!

We are still all social animals, though, and have a need to interact beyond the computer screen.

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There are a million ways to express oneself but the most fun way is with novelty cartoon buttons and matching tshirts and caps Hilarious T Shirts