Pleasure Parks In Pennsylvania

The ‘Keystone State’ is the nickname given to the state in the northeastern United States better known as Pennsylvania. The keystone is a strong Masonic symbol and so it is not surprising to learn that Pennsylvania is also famous for the number of government documents have been signed there. The founding fathers of the American constitution and many subsequent leaders were mostly Masons too.

Pennsylvania is also famous for the number of Welsh miners who went there in the eighteen hundreds. Nowadays, Pennsylvania is a state, one of the largest states in the USA, which has given itself over to pleasure and tourism. The Pocono Mountains and its many kinds of recreation are now well-known among pleasure seekers.

There are opportunities for hiking, skiing, camping, sailing, climbing, motor sports and many more. There are many amusement parks in Pennsylvania, some very specific and others open to the general public.

This commitment to enjoyment goes back a long way and so Pennsylvania is now famous throughout the United States as a fun-loving state. It not only the locality of the oldest roller coaster in America, but it was also the birth place of George Ferris, who invented the eponymous fairground wheel that you can find in all fairground parks all over the world nowadays.

There is a huge variety in the sort and themes of the amusement parks in Pennsylvania. They range from water parks to indoor parks, from classical entertainment to woodland and snow entertainment. The classical amusement parks are thought to be some of the best in America and have been so thought of for decades.

Pennsylvania is also readily accessible from the cities of New York, New Jersey and Delaware.

In general, the amenities in the amusement parks are thought to be very good. Even the food. This is because many of the theme parks are still owned by families and they value their reputation, not only their shareholders. In fact, they still run these family amusement parks as family businesses and the service matches those principles.

However, you must realize that some of the amusement parks in Pennsylvania, particularly the family run ones, are old-fashioned, but in a very nice way. You may not experience the hi-tec rides of some of the big cities, but you will enjoy yourself and so will your family in a safe and friendly environment, where, if you have a complaint, the bosses are also the owners and are right there on site. Not that you are expected to have a grievance.

It is worth going on line and checking out ‘Pennsylvania amusement parks’ because there are many of them and there are many themes too. Maybe the greatest theme park of them all in Pennsylvania is situated in the Pocono Mountain Range, where the Pocono Raceway is situated. The NASCAR races in June and August are totally spectacular as are many of the other races held there during the year.

Take the time to look at the amusement parks in Pennsylvania and especially those of the Pocono Mountains. I can promise you that you will not regret it.

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