Reserve Walt Disney World Dining Months In Advance To Be Safe

When you go to Disney, you must realize that it is nearly impossible to walk in to one of their dining places and expect to be seated. You’ll probably end up disappointed if you try. To guarantee a seat you need to make Disney dining reservations online.

It isn’t difficult to do and will ensure that you and your family will get to have the experience you want. Here are some tips for making reservations for Walt Disney World dining.

Reserve Online 180 Days before your Check-In date

We understand this sounds like an awful long time to get some food, but reserving your spot 180 in advance of your check-in time is necessary. You can head to Disney’s online reservation site and get a better feel for their dining options and prices. During your research, think about creating your itinerary during this time. Often times you can match up the places you eat near some of the places you will visit.

Making Disney dining reservations online is more convenient than doing it by phone and you can get printed confirmation of your reservation too. As soon as you know you are heading to Disney, hop online and make those reservations. The sooner you do it the better because Walt Disney World dining establishments fill up fast months in advance.

Bring Your Advance Dining Reservations

Print out the confirmations you receive from booking Disney dining reservations online and be sure to read it closely and show up at the date and time printed on your confirmation as your reservation will not be good any other time.

Bring the print-outs with you on vacation just in case Disney doesn’t have a record of your Walt Disney World dining reservations.

Stop the Questions

If you want to do everything over the phone, you will end up feeling extremely frustrated. This is due to the extensive marketing questions they ask before you can even speak with a live customer service rep. Take the time to alleviate this headache by going to the Disney dining reservations online site. You will feel at ease and it won’t have any type of effect on your dining reservations.

If you try to make Disney dining reservations online and the restaurant is booked solid, don’t give up. Keep trying until the day you leave for vacation. You never know when someone will cancel a reservation and open up a spot for you. Even if you have already arrived at the theme park, it doesn’t hurt to keep trying if you have a particular Walt Disney World dining experience you don’t want to miss.

The easiest option is to book Disney dining reservations online as far in advance as you can but you never know when you might get lucky with a last minute cancellation. Having your seat booked at a Walt Disney World dining location means one less thing to worry about once you get there.

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