San Antonio As A Cool Vacation Spot

The thing most San Antonio lovers do love is its diversity. It has something to offer to everyone. Are you a young person looking to party it up? There’s all the great nightlife at the river-walk. Are you into experiencing new and diverse cuisine? Well, there’s always the incredibly varied ethnic restaurants scattered along the sidewalk. Are you looking for a family experience? You’re in good luck yet again! San Antonio offers an awesome family experience with what is arguably the best sea-world and zoo in the country… Alongside with one of the best Six Flags around!

By far, the number one spot its most famous for, has to be the infamous Alamo. The best part about it is that its in the center of the city, and is close by to all the other major sights and hotels. There’s a ton to do there beside the historical stuff, and if you have kids, they will have lots do to here. The river-walk on the other side is the other must-pass-by location in the city. It boasts a stunning festival of lights during the holiday seasons. The best part about the river-walk is probably that its close by to all the other tourist sights (that aren’t close to the Alamo). So between the river-walk and the Alamo you got the city covered.

The immediate activities around and in the Alamo and river walk should keep you busy for a while. In fact, to be honest, if you really go out of your way to experience everything the river walk has to offer, you still wouldn’t be done after a week. With that said though, you might be interested in more family oriented activities. In that case I recommend visiting the zoo. Its one of the biggest and best zoos in the country. Next, the sea-world which a lot of people swear is in fact the best around. Then there’s the infamous Texas Six Flags Fiesta. Not only is it unique to other Six Flags in its themes, but it also happens to be heaps more fun!

And if you still want more, there’s a few more things to see, such as the Tennis Ranch, the Landa Park as well as Dry Comal Creek Vineyards. If you’re more into the exotic realm you can check out the animal park and the snake farm. And if you haven’t gotten enough art by now, there’s always the New Braunfels Museum of Art & Music (formerly Hummel Museum).

And then to wrap it up, your trip… You want to take souvenirs to loved one, or just to have some at home. For that you can head back to the river-walk for the souvenirs (if you didn’t pick up any earlier). If the shopping at the river-walk wasn’t enough, then you can go to the huge specialized malls and check that out as well.

Now its the time to get out there and book your San Antonio Hotel. Just find out which areas you want to spend most of your the time in and stay right over there. For example did you ever know there are so many San Antonio Hotels near the Riverwalk?


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