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Snack Vending Machines and Amusement Park Concessions

NewsAlex Westerman- November 19, 2016

It's amusement park season. Right when the weather starts to warm-up and the school season begins to wind down, the crowds of families and students ... Read More

Hanging Out Close To Kings Island Amusement Park In The Holiday Inn Cincinnati

Hanging Out Close To Kings Island Amusement Park In The Holiday Inn Cincinnati

HotelsAlex Westerman- November 18, 2016

Whether you are from out of town or are a native of the area, a get-a-way to the Holiday Inn Cincinnati on I275 will put ... Read More

Amuse Yourself by Visiting These Amusement Parks

DisneyAlex Westerman- November 15, 2016

Let me start by stating the not-so-obvious - Amusement parks are probably as entertaining for adults as they are for children. Visits to various amusement ... Read More

Best Theme and Amusement Parks in Spain

NewsAlex Westerman- November 14, 2016

Spain does not only have historical monuments, beaches, islands and reserves but it is also home to several great amusement and theme parks from where ... Read More

Shanghai’s Most Exciting Amusement Park – Happy Valley Shanghai

HotelsAlex Westerman- November 10, 2016

One of China's most populous and developed cities is the urban metropolis of Shanghai. Located at the mouth of the famous Yangtze River of China, ... Read More

An Amusement Park Costa Rica Style

NewsAlex Westerman- November 5, 2016

I wanted to take my son for one last blast before his school break was over while we lived in Costa Rica and I took ... Read More

Phoenix area is Home to Many Fun in the Sun Amusement Parks

NewsAlex Westerman- October 31, 2016

Phoenix Arizona's beautiful weather makes it an ideal place to enjoy the sun, and if you're looking for a little fun with your sun, try ... Read More

Amusement Parks Regale Young and Old Alike

NewsAlex Westerman- October 29, 2016

Until the late 1970s, a child and even a teenager would have responded to a poser as to where to spend the weekend or a ... Read More

Teenagers Find Thrills In Many Amusement Parks

DisneyAlex Westerman- October 27, 2016

Teenagers are often hard to please. If you're a parent, you'll likely understand teens better than those who are not family people. Family holidays accompanied ... Read More

5 best amusement park in the US worth enjoying

Busch GardensAlex Westerman- October 27, 2016

by amygwen Amusement parks are fantasy for every kid and nightmare most likely for every parent. Though some of the parks in the country are ... Read More