The seven most-anticipated new theme park rides in 2015

The seven most-anticipated new theme park rides in 2015

Will you and your gang be heading to a theme park (or two or three) this year? If so, you’ll surely want to hop aboard your favorite tried-and-true rides. But part of the fun at parks is checking out the latest additions. We’ve already reviewed the newest coasters coming in 2015, so let’s run down some of the other new rides and attractions — the latest and greatest — that park fans are eagerly awaiting this year.

Perhaps the most anticipated non-coaster ride that will be battling for attention in 2015 will come from Six Flags, the park chain that is renowned mostly for its butt-kicking coasters. Actually, make that most anticipated rides: Six Flags locations in Texas and Missouri will both be opening Justice League attractions.

The ultra-sophisticated rides will borrow concepts from the Universal and Disney parks. There will be roving motion base vehicles and projected 3D media a la attractions such as Universal’s Transformers. As in Disney’s Toy Story Mania rides, passengers will be issued blasters to rack up points (and defeat the evil Joker). The multi-modal attractions will also include animatronic characters, real sets, 4D sensory effects, and other high-end trickery to offer immersive E-ticket experiences rarely seen at regional parks.


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