Thinking Of Taking A Disney World Trip

Where else in the world can you see robots, dinosaurs, ghosts, an African safari, princesses and pirates all within a quick tram ride? Amid the crocodiles, humidity and palm trees of Orlando, Florida, you’ll feel free as your imagination soars, whether you’re eight, eighteen, forty-eight or eighty!

Disney World is comprised of five different Disney parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney – all with their own wonders, amusements and unique decor.

The secret to getting a Disney World discount is to look into “Parkhopper” tickets. To get the most from your vacation, you can purchase 3, 5, 6, 7 or 10-day passes that allow you to go from one park to the next at your leisure. That way, if you miss a few attractions at one park, you can go back and hit them, without having to “kill time” there, or you can catch all your favorite rides again before you leave.

Many Disney vacation deals can be found online. For instance, United Vacations is offering a $ 200 Disney gift card with the purchase of a 5-night or longer flight and hotel package. Additionally, guests can purchase discount park passes.

Timeshares often offer free Disneyworld tickets if you’re willing to spend a morning listening to their sales presentation. Of course, there’s no obligation to buy, but not everyone will feel comfortable with the situation. Orlando Theme Parks has deep discounts, for example.

“Value season” for the Disney World resorts runs from January 1st – February 13th, July 20th – October 1st and November 30th – December 18th. In addition to shorter lines, you’ll save $ 50 (regular) or $ 150 (holiday) per night. Seasoned veterans say that it’s not really necessary to pay for the “room with a view,” as you’re not really there enough to appreciate the extra $ 100 worth. You’ll find that each Disney resort has its own hint of magic, whether you’re looking for an after-park spa session, the “rustic pioneer” feel, or the quintessential Grand Floridian vacation.

Many people coming to Disney World for their first time choose to purchase an all-in-one package deal. These packages are a stress-free way to plan, for sure! Imagine flying in to Orlando, Florida and hopping on a free shuttle bus, taking you right to a Disney resort.

Your reservation and bellhop are already waiting! You will receive your park tickets with your room card. You can put your luggage in your ornately decorated room and take a walk around the resort, as there’s much to see!

Browse gift shops, check out the lagoon pool area, select from one of many resort-specific Disney restaurants, or hop on a monorail that’ll take you anywhere in the magic world of Disney you’d ever want to go!

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