Affordable Disney Vacation – How To Bring Your Family Together On Vacation

You have just managed to get a couple of weeks off after a long busy period at work. And get home to enquire with your family on where they would like to go for a holiday, in unison they respond Walt Disney World in Florida. Even though it is only a couple of hundred miles from where you live, the sheer thought of the cost is bogging you down making you wonder if you can afford it.

Worry not, there are plenty of options available based on your budget, even if it is a shoe string budget. And you will be given the best quality service at the theme park, so you need not worry about that aspect when cutting costs while planning the venture.

Here’s how you can enjoy your affordable and stress free Walt Disney World Resort vacation and avail the perks of a cheap Disney Vacation Club membership.

1. Trip and food – Instead of relying on an agency or external party, it is better to sit down and plan the whole trip on your own. Book flight tickets and accommodation, car hires and so on. If you know now that a trip might happen in January or February, plan right away and get cheap deals on the hotels and food joints. When you book ahead of time, you will save money otherwise shelled out while booking at the last minute. You will also be stress free and be able to concentrate on other aspects of the trip.

Check with your friends or family on what kind of food they like, and carry enough for a few days or at least cornflakes and other breakfast items. If you are flying down to Disney World on economy flights, food carried will save you more money.

2. Accommodation options – Instead of staying at one of the hotels in your cheap Disney Vacation Club, you can stay at any of the Orlando villas or cottages within walking distance from the park. Also for this, you can get in touch with the owners directly and rent it from them. For your group to stay comfortably, you can get a place for about $ 90 – $ 150 per night.

However, remember the prices are based on number of rooms, the facilities you ask for. This can be a better option to having all cooped up in one hotel room, fighting for space. If you know of another family planning their holiday around the same time, book a place such that you split the cost which will leave you with more to spend at the park. Better to read up on the Disney World newsgroups and subscribe to their newsletters to know the latest promotions up for grabs.

In this way, you can plan ahead and save quite a bit on theme park passes and food indulged in. Scour the various stores and malls in your town to pick up those discounted park passes or buy one get one kind of coupons to make your trip an amazing one.

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