Affordable Disney Vacation – Vacation Planning & Tips

Affordable Disney Vacation – Vacation Planning & Tips

No matter what kind of a vacation you have planned, if it is anything related to the Walt Disney World in Florida, you will have the time of your life. There is no end to the activities too visit and savor in this lavish fantasy world. There are four theme parks, each created in a unique style to keep your days filled with fun and excitement. You could spend a whole day in the park and not know where time flew by.

It is ideal to take it one at a time, unless you are pressed for time, but in this case you might have to miss out on a few irresistible sights. And there is no point planning an Affordable Walt Disney Vacation and not taking it all in. The most famous of them all is the Disney Animal Kingdom which has about 4 or 5 fascinating centers within its realms.

Africa – Imagine stepping into an African forest and being one with nature? This is exactly what you experience when you step foot on this section of the park. Take a Kilimanjaro safari ride and catch a glimpse of the lone elephant grazing quietly or a zebra run through the jungle.

Make sure to have a medical check-up done to get a clean chit before taking this safari as it can be tiring for those who are old or ailing from some illness or pregnant. Better yet, carry your camera and walk through the jungle filled with wild birds and animals, but don’t get disappointed if the animals are shy and don’t come out. While leaving this arena in your Affordable Walt Disney World Vacation, you can visit the Mombassa marketplace for souvenirs.

Asia – The next in line here is the Asian part, where you can trek, or go on a river rafting adventure. You can relax, and enjoy a show that talks about Asia and its culture, lifestyle, etc along with a show by the birds that keep you entertained. Or if you are the adventurous kind, ride the roller coaster in Expedition of Everest .You can then catch your breath with an ice cream at Anandapur ice cream and then get back to the Kali River for a round of river rafting while holding on to your dear life.

Only people, who are in good health conditions are allowed, so don’t go unless you are sure you can handle the speed.

Camp Minnie & Mickey – An ideal spot for children to play, interact and learn from the Disney World characters. They can even dress up as their favorite character or get down to doing some research through Disney World with the help of a trained person, this is perfect for those interested in animals and science.

The other areas of interest here are the Dinoland USA, Oasis, and Raifiki’s planet watch. Each of these has a set of adventures in store for all age groups. What a way to enjoy your Affordable Walt Disney World Resort Vacation.

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