Are you ready for The STRAT’s thrill rides in Las Vegas?

Are you ready for The STRAT’s thrill rides in Las Vegas?

If you’re ready to test your nerves of steel, there’s no better place than the thrill rides at the top of The STRAT—Insanity, Big Shot and X Scream. Each, in their own unique way, dare you not to whoop and holler as you’re pitched off the edge of the building, shot straight up into space and suspended hundreds of feet above the earth.

Big Shot catapults you 160 feet straight up as you’re locked in a seated position. There’s no warning: You just suddenly feel a G-force of 4, quickly followed by a negative G-force as you drop. X Scream feels innocuous at first—you’re seated in a roller coaster-type car and slide down a track toward the edge of the building. Then, as you reach the end of the track, it suddenly tilts forward, and that’s when you feel the scream leave your throat. Insanity, a five-fingered claw, has riders dangling from each claw before reaching out 64 feet from the edge of The STRAT, after which it begins to rotate. As you begin to turn and tilt upward, try to control your bodily functions as best you can. You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride Big Shot and 52 inches to ride X Scream and Insanity.

The STRAT, 702.380.7777

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