Cedar Point 2022 what’s new

Cedar Point 2022 what’s new

SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – Cedar Point Amusement Park may be closed, but park workers still have plenty to do.

Communications Director Tony Clark shared updates on the Cedar Point blog.

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After the Wicked Twister gave its final ride on September 6, crews are getting ready for something new.

But first, they have to disconnect everything before demolition can begin.

Courtesy: Cedar Point

That means power, controls, sensors, everything.

“It’s a rarity to remove coasters,” Clark said in the blog.

The 251-foot-tall ride opened in 2002.

That area of the park is being prepared for future development, says Clark.

He is not revealing what it is.


Each train on Blue Streak takes a trip to Pennsylvania during the winter.

The park’s oldest roller coaster is a classic and they work hard to make sure the cars are in mint condition.

Courtesy: Cedar Point

The trains will be loaded onto a flatbed and taken to Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters.

Clark says the company manufactures wooden roller coaster trains and specializes in refurbishment and inspection of the cars.

“We put our trust in them each winter, knowing they will take care of our blue baby,” Clark says.

Courtesy: Cedar Point

Separately, the Giant Wheel cabins are still on for now, but Clark says they’ll be removed for winter.


It takes a village… to clean up.

“…literally EVERYONE is taking HalloWeekends decorations down,” says Clark.

Courtesy: Cedar Point

Courtesy: Cedar Point

That includes the Crazy Cornstalks maze, Cornstalkers, landscaping, props and fog machines.

Cedar Fair announced in August that Cedar Point would kick off the season with the Frontier Festival.

2022 plans include Cedar Point Nights, Celebrate Spectacular Parade and HalloWeekends.

Frontier Town is getting a new signature restaurant.

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Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark hotel and Sawmill Creek by Cedar Point Resorts are being “re-imagined.”

Cedar Fair says those facilities will open for guests before the summer of 2022.

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