Disney World Accidents Can Happen

Disney World Accidents Can Happen

In every situation in life, there is the possibility of an accident. This possibility is still in play when people visit theme parks around the world, including Disney World. Accident issues may be few and far between, but do still occur. While these theme parks aim to have the best safety record possible, accidents can and will happen.

While you should not worry about a Disney World Accident, you should still know what could happen. If you are prepared for possible accidents at Disney World, you can plan your trip accordingly and attempt to lessen the possibility that you will get into a Disney World accident. While accidents can happen in any situation, these three main genres categorize the most accidents in theme parks.


If you are worried about becoming a part of a Disney World accident, you need to make sure that you understand how accidents on rides occur. The majority of the accidents that occur at Disney World happen on the various rides in the park. The best way to avoid a potential accident is to not go on any rides and just enjoy the park, but then you are really not getting your monies worth!

If you have a heart condition, you should be aware of the risks that you face. Each ride offers a warning for those who have heart conditions, as the rides cause stress and excitement for the body. This can cause undue stress on the heart, which may cause heart complications.

The majority of the other accidents that occur on rides at Disney World are caused by human error. Guests and workers who ignore the warning signs and attempt to get too close to a ride can be struck by the ride and injured. This is one of the most common accidents at amusement parks, but continue to occur due to human error and a lack of common sense.


The transportation system at Disney World is known for having an incredible safety record. While a monorail accident did occur on July 5, 2009, no guests were injured. It was the first and only crash that the monorail system has seen since it was implemented 30 years prior to the accident.


Weather can also play a factor and cause a Disney World accident for many guests. Guests that fail to take breaks and drink large amounts of water on incredibly hot days could suffer from dehydration and suffer a heat stroke. While this is an accident that can generally be prevented, it is also one of the most common Disney World accident types.

You should not be afraid to visit Disney World because of the possibilities of an accident. In reality, a trip to Disney World is one of the safest things that you could do. The most dangerous part of your trip would be the car ride to the actual theme park itself. While it is important to be knowledgeable about these various accidents, they should not keep you from fully enjoying your trip to Disney World. A Disney World Accident is possible, but is very unlikely.

Marshall Diaz has been a personal injury attorney for over 25 years and is currently in litigation for a Disney World accident He has won several cases related to theme park accidents and encourages all park goers to be careful when attending theme parks of all sizes.


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