Disneyland Resort Packages Discount

Disneyland Resort Packages Discount

For all those people, who are interested in getting a discount on Disneyland Resorts, the Park Savers website is very helpful, as it provides the customer with best discounts offer, on-property and outside-property resorts as well!

In order to get the discount, the trick is to keep on knocking and keeping yourself updated to know if any offer has opened.

Booking in the Off-season:

Throughout the year, there are many seasons in the Disneyland, such as Value Season, Fall Season, Peak Season, Summer Season, Holiday Season and much more, during these seasons, the hotel rooms and suits are particularly expensive, so you should book the rooms in off-season and thereby you can get Disneyland Discount Packages. But the dates of the seasons should be kept in mind, it might be possible that you will not get the desired discount during a particular season, according to the terms and conditions of Disneyland.

Room-only Discounts:

Disneyland offers discount up to 15-25% on its Villas and Resorts, including Beach Club Villas, Animal Kingdom Villa and Jumbo House etc. Such discounts are given at the start of the year mostly.

Furthermore, there are following types of discount that you can get, but it should be kept in mind that they are all room-only discounts:

-Disney Visa (having a Disney Card would cut down your expenses a little and your entry is also free in the Water park for as long as the card is valid)

-General Public (you get some discounts on the water-parks tickets and some other theme parks)

-Florida Resident (some discount offers for the lucky people of Florida, but in off-season only)

-Military (they can enjoy the luxuries of SOG and 6.5% off the tickets)

-Annual Pass holders (some special discount propositions)

It means that you can get discounts on your rooms in the resorts where you’re staying if you a resident of Florida, if you have a Disney Visa card or having a AAA or CAA membership. But as it was mentioned before that there are certain seasons, during which you cannot get discount, i.e., a Floridian may not get room discount during Holiday Season. So this seasonal-fact should be kept in mind. They also give discounts to the Canadian, UK and Ireland residents. Furthermore, it has been announced now that the discount on AAA and CAA membership cards has been cancelled now.

Discounts for Pass-holders:
* If annual pass holder stay in the middle of Diamond Celebrations, then they can save some of the money by getting discounts on the rooms and resorts.
* If cardholders decide to stay at Aulani, then they can get some free nights!

By logging onto the ParkSavers company websites, you can book your rickets and make reservations for your rooms, as well as you can get some discount on resort and cheap tickets. Although the discount that Disneyland offers are not really that big, but still if you are going with your big family then a discount of 5-10% will help a lot in saving the money that you can spend on other things.

If you have a membership card such as DVS, then you are also allowed a special discount on the admission to the theme parks, for as long as your card doesn’t expire!

Park Savers also gives lots of information about the discounts and you can also visit the Disneyland website to explore more about the Disneyland Resorts Discount Packages.

Although it is not possible to get discount throughout the year, but Disneyland does offer economical deals on the rooms and resorts and with the help of above mentioned websites, one can surely get a good offer on the Disneyland resort packages discount . Though Disneyland can be a little expensive proposition but Disneyland resort packages discount allows you to cut down the costs. Enjoy your stay with Park Savers and make your journey a memorable one!

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