Four Favorite Little-Known Experiences at Walt Disney World

Most Walt Disney World visitors are familiar with the parks’ classic rides, such as Space Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean. But, there are so many more lesser-known and rarely advertised experiences that really make Walt Disney World shine and can give a visit to the parks something extra special. Here are a few of our favorite lesser-known experiences for you to check out on your next trip.

Welcome Show at the Magic Kingdom – With the Magic Kingdom’s popularity, it’s no surprise that many guests arrive before the park opens to get a head start on the day. This is a great idea if you want to hit big-ticket rides before the lines get long. But, there’s an additional reward for the early birds, and that’s the park’s special welcome show. Featuring music, the citizens of Main Street, about a dozen Disney characters, and Mickey Mouse himself, this show is the perfect way to kick off a day in Walt Disney World’s original park.

Club Cool at Epcot – In Future World just past Innoventions West is Club Cool, a small merchandise and refreshment spot with one really cool feature: free soda! This place doesn’t carry just any soda, though – guests are able to sample small cups of different sodas from around the world, from Japan to Zimbabwe. Make a quick stop here for some new, unusual, and delicious tastes. Beware of the Beverly, though – this bitter aperitif might have you making faces!

Divine at Animal Kingdom – Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some fantastic shows, but this little-known street performer is one of our favorites. Divine comes to life among the foliage to walk along the paths and then disappear again. Guests often walk right by her without knowing she’s there, until she moves. Guests can usually find her on the pathway between Africa and Asia, and sometimes in the Oasis near the park’s entrance.

Kiss Goodnight at the Magic Kingdom – The Magic Kingdom’s nighttime shows are one of our favorite parts of visiting the park, but the short Kiss Goodnight is for the late-goers, those that have stayed past the park’s closing. Music swells and Cinderella Castle briefly lights up while an announcer’s voice talks about Walt Disney’s dream for the parks, and thanks the departing guests for being part of the ongoing dream. This is something that most guests miss, but it’s a perfect way to say good night to the Magic Kingdom.

Source by Elizabeth R Perry



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