Importance of Taking Risk in Life

Is life devoid of risk? Surely not! Our lives are full of risks of all shapes and sizes. When we go on road we risk getting hit by a vehicle; when we take an examination we risk failing; and when we start a business we risk losing the capital. In fact life is full of risks. Should we completely stop taking any risk? It’s like asking should we stop living. Stop giving too much thought to risks.

It’s part of the human nature to avoid taking a risk. However, if you dream big then you must be ready to take chances. The human history is full of examples when people took huge risks and got incredible success. If you want to achieve great success then you must be taking big risks too. There is no big gain without big risks. The richest people in the world are mostly businessmen. They take huge risks in starting their ventures. Statistically most businesses fail. However, when a business venture becomes a success it generates a huge amount of money for its owners. Most of us have to fight against the odds and risk big things in order to gain any success.

Not only average people, but even fairly successful ones have to take risks to achieve a bigger success. The world famous animation filmmaker Walt Disney had to put all his money in his dream project Disney World. He also took huge amounts of loan to build the tourist attraction based in Florida in the US. The risk paid him off well and today more than 5 crore people visit Disney World annually, making it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. He was lucky that he achieved success with the venture. It could have gone the other way and he could have lost all he had earned in his life.

The film industry is full of examples of filmmakers putting all money in a venture and losing big time. The legendary filmmaker Guru Dutt was broke after his film Kaagaz Ke Phool bombed at the box office, while another famous director Raj Kapoor suffered heavy losses when his dream project Mera Naam Joker was a commercial failure. Both were successful filmmakers of their era but lost money in those ventures. However what made them winners was that they kept taking further risks and both made lots of money in their next ventures, Chaudhvin Ka Chand and Bobby respectively.

Several times you have to take risk to get a bigger success even if you are quite comfortable in your life. Rajkumar Hirani was a successful advertisement film maker, running his own advertising studio before 2003. However he wanted to make his mark in the Hindi film industry and took the risk by refusing to take new advertisement projects to focus on his film venture. He kept writing script of a new film while his advertisement film career was going down as a result. It was a risk because he could not have found any producer for his film and there was no guarantee that the film would become a success at the box office, ensuring further work for him. Still, Hirani took the gamble. He looked for a film producer once the script was ready. Luckily he got a producer and his film became a critical and commercial success on its release. The title of the film was Munnabhai M. B. B. S.

Several times we fail when we take risk. Yet even failure makes us wiser and we learn many lessons. Film actor Amitabh Bachchan had an ambitious plan to start a company on the pattern of a Hollywood film studio. He launched his company Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited (ABCL) in 1995. The gamble did not pay off and the company went bankrupt. Even in failure Amitabh learnt lessons and years later he realized the importance of a good script when producing a film. Now when he produces a film he takes a close look at the script. As a result, his new ventures like Paa have done well at the box office.

Take risks for bigger gains. Even if you fail you will learn invaluable lessons that will help you achieve bigger success in the long run.

Source by KV Gautam



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