Inclusive Disneyland Vacation Package

Disneyland is the dreamland of your child. But when it comes to the services and Disneyland’s Vacation Packages, parents often seem oblivious. However, following two websites will clear your doubts, by giving you accurate information about Inclusive Disneyland Vacation Package and as well as will also provide you with the relevant information.

Now focusing on the inclusive and the expected services of Disneyland, let us take an overview on the packages:

Disney Package:

A Disney Package is basically a booking that, at the least, contains your room reservations and theme park admissions. You can also add other things in your package but there are certain rules for making extensions in a particular package.

Booking Disney Packages:

Firstly, book a Walt Disney travel co. then provide them with the basic info which includes:
-Your check-in date
-Your check-out date
-Number of children
-Number of adults
-Your preferred resort (on-property, off-property etc.)
-Type of ticket (discount based and all)
-Legal information and official names of all the travelling guests.

This should be kept in mind while making the reservations that you have specified all your legal information. In case of any delusion, you will be kicked out of the Disney premises. So make sure you have provided the right information.

You give the information to your Walt Disney travel agent, and in return he will provide with the best of the services! You can make the bookings online but if you have to cancel or if you have to change your package of inclusive services, then you need to call the Park Savers team since they do not provide you with the facility of cancelling or altering your package online.


One of the main inclusive feature of Disney is the Magic-band which is given to the given to the guests. This wrist-band acts as your Disney resort room key, your theme park admission pass, resort ID, dining and recreation entitlements.

Disney Dining Plan:
Disney Dining Plan comes in three structures:
-Magic Your Way Package Plus Quick Service Dining
-Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining
-Magic Your Way Package Plus Deluxe Dining

Deluxe Dining:

In this package, you get to choose your meal from over a 100 kinds of dishes of dinners. The children can choose from the “Children’s Menu” if there is one available. And for the adults, the dinner includes 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 1 dessert, 1 non-alcoholic beverage, 1 full buffet and much more.

Quick Service Dining:

For the children of age 3-9, they have the option to choose from the “Children’s Menu” if that option is available. For the adults, there is a large variety of dishes.

-For Breakfast there is 1 entree, 1 combo-meal, single serving non-alcoholic beverage.

-For Lunch and Dinner there is an appetizer, a combo-meal and an entree.

Platinum Dining is also available, which is very, very expensive for the general public to afford and is mostly used by the elite class, who have no concern with the price of the food whay-so-ever.

You can choose from a large variety of food and enjoy your meals to the fullest. There are not much differences in the meals but only the rates and prices of them differ.

All of the three packages have different rates. There are different dining entitlements attached to each of the package. The customer has to suit himself. Moreover, there are also Platinum and Premium Packages. And honestly speaking, these packages are only for those people who are there to eat and show no concern to how much the food may cost.

By visiting the website Park Savers company website you get full information about the all inclusive Disneyland vacation packages and Disneyland Resort Vacation Packages . And also remember that if you’ve made a booking and want to cancel it or change it, you can sure as hell do that, there’s no hesitation. Disneyland team is there to help you make memorable memories while your stay. Enjoy the inclusive package!