Is Cedar Point hiring? Here are the perks to working this fall

Is Cedar Point hiring? Here are the perks to working this fall

Looking for a job? Cedar Point is hiring for their upcoming Tricks and Treats Fall Fest.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — HalloWeekends might be canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Cedar Point has another Halloween plan in store – and they need your help.

Cedar Point is currently hiring “enthusiastic fans of the fall season” for the park’s upcoming Tricks and Treats Fall Fest, which is replacing the traditional HalloWeekends event. It takes place Saturdays and Sundays from Sept. 12 through Nov. 1.

These jobs come with a list of park perks.

“Associate benefits include free housing (for ages 18 and older living more than 30 miles from the park), free meals on Saturdays, gas cards up to $50 for associate carpool drivers, a free crew sweatshirt, free access to the park during time off, in-park discounts, free tickets for family and friends, special associates-only events and more.”

Positions are available in the following departments:

    Ride operationsEvent attractionsFood and beverageHotel operationsMerchandiseGamesPark servicesSecuritySafety

Jobs start at $9 per hour with a $2 per hour premium pay incentive.

“In addition, a $1 per hour bonus will be applied at the end of the associate’s employment agreement, bringing the total added wage increase to $3 per hour worked during Tricks and Treats Fall Fest,” park officials said.

3News asked how many positions are available, but park officials could not provide that number.

Interested? You can apply at or by texting “FUN” to 97211. Interviews and job offers are done virtually.

Tricks and Treats Fall Fest offers activities, entertainment, games and rides (read more about it HERE). Cedar Point officials said they plan to host HalloWeekends once again in 2021.

Already in the Halloween spirit? Watch last year’s spooky parade at Cedar Point in the player below:

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