Is It a Smooth Ride for Theme Parks?

Is It a Smooth Ride for Theme Parks?

Amusement Parks

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Working class Americans began enjoying leisure activities in large numbers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The increasing ease of travel made possible by railroads, a growth in wages, and the advent of Saturday half day and all-day Sunday holidays in many manufacturing industries allowed workers and their families to leave urban centers in search of amusements. This demand for low cost entertainment near major cities led to the growth and popularity of amusement parks.

Is It a Smooth Ride for Theme Parks?
Most major theme-park operators have seen revenue grow over recent years as they invest in new attractions tied to brands including Harry Potter. Companies are also focusing on markets outside North America.
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The Most Expensive Disney Theme Park Might Surprise You
Unfortunately, the Happiest Place on Earth isn’t free. While many parents look forward to taking their children on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to one of Disney’s magical theme parks, the cost of tickets for multiple people and several days can add up — fast.

Universal theme park division reveal that new ‘Secret Life of Pets’ attraction is on its way
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