Make Your Drive To Disneyland Paris Simple

There is no better way to get to Disneyland Paris than to drive. You can set your own pace with no time restraints to prevent you from enjoying the drive through France from the port of Calais. No busy Airports to check in to, No heavy luggage to cart around.

Crossing the channel can be made via the Euro tunnel service at Folkestone, access to Euro tunnel is easy as they have their own motorway exit from the M20 at junction 11a. Border checks for both sides of the tunnel here make it simple to just drive from the train when it reaches Calais to join a very modern motorway network that can get you to Disneyland Paris in just three hours. The crossing time on the train is 35 minutes.

If you prefer an alternative way to cross then why not cruise across the channel with P&O ferries on board their latest super ferry for the 90 minute crossing. P&O operate 23 crossings a day from Dover to Calais with onboard restaurants and shopping facilities. They also have play areas for the children and the latest in video entertainment. Step out on deck and enjoy the awesome sea views and take in that fresh sea air.

Both Euro tunnel and P&O ferries will get you across the channel with ease and once you reach Calais you will find easy access to a European motorway network that will lead you to the magic of Disneyland Paris in just a little over 3 hours in the comfort of your own car. The network is well signed and there are plenty of convenient stops along the way for a break.

Just as any long journey you make in you car you should make sure that the car is equipped to make the journey and it is worth ensuring that you have breakdown insurance cover in place before you set off. Repairs and tow in charges can be very expensive outside of the UK and so it is best to be on the safe side.

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