My Small List Of Desirable Timeshare Destinations

While it is important that you really enjoy visiting the destination you buy your timeshare at, if you believe you will want to rent or exchange it often, it is important for you to also consider how desirable the location is.

It is well known that the seaside destinations like Hawaii, Daytona Beach, and Cancun (Mexico) are popular vacation destinations and thus great timeshare destinations. However you will also find some great destinations away from the beach as well. Each destination has something fun and different to offer tourists from all over the world. Here is a list of some crowd favorites to consider when looking to buy a timeshare.

Let’s talk about Florida first. Orlando is a very popular tourist destination for good reason.

Traveling inland a bit you have some of the most popular family travel destinations available anchored by the most famous family theme park in the world: Disneyworld! Besides Disneyworld you have a number of amusement parks including Universal Studios and Sea World. Most of these large amusement parks offer timeshare opportunities.

Let’s not forget a destinatino which offers something for just about everyone family and individual alike: Las Vegas, Nevada!

If you want it, Las Vegas probably has it from all-you-can-eat buffets, a myriad of shows and entertainment, recreational activities not too far away, plus of course casinos and the nightlife. It is just about everything anyone might want all rolled into one at a pretty affordable price. If you love Vegas, consider that to be a destination for a timeshare.

Hopping over to California, don’t forget to think about the northern area of the state.

The list of attractions include Fisherman’s Wharf ,Ghirardelli Square, Coit Tower, the mansions of Pacific Heights, world’s biggest Chinatown outside Asia, Union Square, world renowned landmarks like crooked Lombard Street. Night life is one of the greatest. One can go hiking also in Muir Woods and taste world’s greatest wines. Cable rides, Pedi-cabs, Pier 39 etc. there is fun unlimited in San Francisco offering you the complete experience of your lifetime.

In conclusion,

Besides the obvious beach towns and seaside locations (Hawaii is still my favorite!), remember a good rule of thumb is any popular tourist destination for whatever reason it is popular may make an ideal timeshare location. If you love visiting there, then think about owning a timeshare there.

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