Orbeez Magic Maker Review

If you are on the look out for a toy that inspires the creativity and imagination of your child then you need look no further than Orbeez.  What they basically are tiny beads that swell up to small colorful and squishy balls that are just fun to play with.  Most Orbeez come in a kit, but this is really a starting point as your child will soon be making up games to play with them.  There are many activity kits for Orbeez, but here in this review we will take a closer look at the Magic Maker.


The Orbeez Magic Maker can be considered the starter kit for all the other Orbeez line of toys.  Basically what you are getting with this kit is a water tank to grow your Orbeez, and air pump to energize them.  The Orbeez are very small when dry, but when you place them in water they grow to many times their original size.  They are bouncy, slimy, wacky, silky, colorful, and just fun to feel and play with.  The it also comes with a play and display collection tray to keep track of the little balls.  Your child will find many games to play with using the sixteen page activity book that comes with the kit.


Once the Orbeez are swelled up in the water, you activate the aerator and get them swirling inside the tank.  There are small red hoops inside that you can try to make baskets with as the Orbeez swirl around inside.  The air pump handle can then be raised up and you try to swich the orbits out to exit port and send them swirling down the exit ramp.  Send them flying down one by one or all at once and watch them collect in the tray below.  One outside the tank in the tray your child can begin to play different activities and games with the Orbeez.


You will find that the Magic Maker kit comes with easy to read and detailed instructions.  The tank come with several different pieces to assemble.  The plunger is installed inside the tank, then the base is fitted to the bottom.  The top is then set in place and the exit ramp to the side and the Orbeez Magic Maker is ready for business.  The finishing touch is to screw in the plunger handle and you can then begin to fill the tank with water.  It will hold up to two quarts of water and about three thousand Orbeez inside.


This kit includes the water tank, aerator plunger handle, hoops, spiral ramp, and collection tray.  There are over three thousand Orbeez balls included in nine different colors.  We highly recommend you purchase a bead refill pack with this kit as balls will magically disappear here and there.  The play and display tray is absolutely essential to help you from losing the slimy balls off the playing surface.  A very well written sixteen page activity book is included with your purchase.  You can find this Orbeez kit at all the major big box retailers and online retailers for around twenty five dollars.

If you are looking for a unique creative toy for your children then you should consider Orbeez. Find out more information, reviews, and availability for Orbeez by visiting http://orbeezreviews.com



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