‘SAW: The Ride’ – Short Documentary Looks at the History of the First Rollercoaster Based on a…

‘SAW: The Ride’ – Short Documentary Looks at the History of the First Rollercoaster Based on a…

Back in 2009, you may have heard, Thorpe Park in England launched Saw: The Ride, the world’s first ever horror movie-themed rollercoaster. The ride opened its doors to the public in the Spring of 2009, of course based on the hit horror movie franchise from Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures. Naturally, it was (and still is) billed as being “the scariest ride in the world.”

Believe it or not, Saw: The Ride is actually still active to this day at Thorpe Park, and horror fans located in England can grab their tickets and face down Jigsaw whenever they desire!

The official overview explains, “Ride through Jigsaw’s most intricate torture equipment on this terrifying horror rollercoaster. If you can avoid the swinging pendulum blades, the floor of spikes and the giant rotating blades, you might just make it out alive…

“Based on the infamous horror movie franchise, this themed roller coaster goes further than any vertical drop ride has gone before. After a terrifying indoor section, riders face the torturous tick, tick, tick up a completely vertical chain lift hill. A 100ft drop awaits as the roller coaster car plummets through free fall at 55 miles per hour. Face your fears on one of the top ten steepest roller coasters in the world!

“Thrill seekers and scary movie fans will endure 4.7 g-force, the highest g-force roller coaster ride at Thorpe Park Resort. Expect to be turned upside-down three times, around the twisting, turning track of dive loops, heartline rolls and surprises around every corner.”

The YouTube channel Expedition Theme Park braves Saw: The Ride for a brand new video that explores the complete history Jigsaw’s very own rollercoaster of twisted terrors.

It’s a fun watch for theme park enthusiasts. Check it out below!

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