Around & around you go. Spinning with shrieks from Sideshow Square. Step right up and face your fears… for some who come, leave in tears.

The circus is in town. Do you dare to step right up? Consider that question carefully, because curiosity could spell doom. A gruesome scene lies ahead, and the journey there is full of fright.

Sideshow Square is crawling with creepy circus wannabes who elicit screams loud enough to muffle the horrifying groans coming from the three-ring nightmare nearby. Weird windup dolls, menacing mannequins and crazed clowns are only a few of the terrifying oddities that occupy these scary spaces.

These repulsive rejects may not be in the big show, but that only tempts them more to fill you with complete horror. A ruthless ringmaster, in a spine-tingling gravelly voice, urges guests to “Come one, come all.” The truly brave may be tempted, but they’d be wise to follow his directive with caution. Those in search of fun will find only stun for all ages. Perhaps the best alternative is to run…for your lives!

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