The 5 Things I Learned About Business While Visiting 6 Flags Great America

The 5 Things I Learned About Business While Visiting 6 Flags Great America

My daughters Alex and Caroline were begging me to go to 6 Flags Great America in Chicago. It was the common theme, Mom we worked hard for these free tickets- take us please. Ok, I thought Sunday would be a great day to go and besides it wasn’t too hot or anything like that.

I was thinking this was a routine visit to a theme park, as a business owner and internet marketer I noticed things that were happening around me that most people don’t realize. I noticed is all the opportunities Six Flags Great America was taking to make money, from the very beginning that I drove into the line to park my car to the very last step I took leaving the turnstile to find my car. Six Flags was determined to make money from every patron that came though that park and I’ll show you how.

#1 Give people what they want. So here we were getting ready to watch Spy Girl. It was an outside show on a hot and sunny day. So what do you know out comes the lemonade/slushy/popcorn man. Each drink cost $ 4.00 and we all know that it cost Great America about .25 cents to make that lemonade. The people waiting for the show didn’t care about that price they just wanted the lemonade there and then. They also triggered a common response from the public. When you go to see a movie or an entertainment show you get soda and popcorn, so why wouldn’t you want one while watching Spy Girl.

#2 Up sell the customer. Up selling means give the customer the option of spending more money or buying additional services when they have their wallet out and are going to spend money anyways. At Six Flags Great America we pull into a line for parking which costs $ 15.00 for the day BUT if you want VIP parking close to the entrance that’s an extra $ 15.00. A total of $ 30.00 for parking alone.

#3 Have relationships with other businesses that you promote. Six Flags Great America is very smart as you will see. They were promoting Citibank Visa and MasterCard. When you filled out an application for a card you got a free Six Flags Great America Bag. Do you think Six Flags was making money on this little gig? You bet your bottom dollar they were.

#4 Get them while they are walking out the door. Pooped out, hungry and ready to leave we dart to the exit gate to find our car. But what does Six Flags do? Give us literature on their student loan program that’s available online to check out. Once you leave the park you go home online to check out what Great America handed you on the way out the door. Another opportunity to make money off of you.

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