Universal Studios Theme Parks

Universal studios theme parks, operated by the Universal Studios, an NBC Universal division are based around movies that the firm has created through the years. Currently, open parks involve Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Japan theme parks. The concept of Universal Studios theme parks began back in 1981.

While Universal had a Studio Tour that was fairly well-known back in the days, they wished something a lttle bit greater. They wanted an operating facilities that would also become a theme park and therefore the idea of Universal Studios theme parks was born.

The very first amusement park from Universal Studios was opened in 1990. The early days of Universal Studios theme parks weren’t remarkable. The points of interest didn’t show to be as successful as it have been estimated. Long line delays prompted many people to declare never to return. In fact the 2 amusement parks, Earthquake and Kongfrontation, the most popular attractions at the time of their opening was unsuccessful. JAWS similarly experienced a similar fate. As a result of these failures, Universal Studios triggered presenting free passes as apologies to the unhappy supporters. However, damage had also been done and it will take a number of years before Universal could recover from these disastrous disappointments.

By 1996, an enormous expansion was occurring with the launch of a 2nd amusement park, a new resort and an entertainment area that were launched practically at the same time in 1999. The new theme park which was entitled “Islands of Adventure” made most conscious that Universal Studios was able to offering the same level of enjoyment to a park as Walt disney. Actually, a few of the creative expertise behind the highly prosperous Disney-MGM companies was accountable for Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The amusement park wasn’t any “kiddie park” because it was able to provide high energy coasters and thrill rides that were targeted at a mature crowd.

In the same year 1999, Universal Studios theme parks team created the CityWalk, an amusement district just like Disney’s Pleasure Island and high end hotel Portofino Bay. Today, the place has 3 hotel buildings, 2 theme parks as well as an entertainment district which generally seems to rival Disney. Having an extra 2000 acres, Universal is far from done. They plan to create 2 extra amusement parks and more hotels. If you’re looking to try out the concept of the spine-tingling excitement of films like Jaws, Twister and out-of-this-world adventure with movies like E.T., Men In Black and Back to the Future, Universal Studio theme parks is the place to relive those dreams.

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