Use Bounceback Offers to Drive Traffic in Your Bar

One way to get customers to come back into your bar is to offer them a bounceback coupon to use upon their return.

Walt Disney World Resorts use bounceback offers consistently to get current customers to plan their next trip while they’re still in the resort. Cruise lines like Carnival also use bouncebacks to lock in future customers.

A bounceback offer is simply an added value in the form of a discount that is given in return for the customer returning to your bar in the future. It serves to functions: gives the customer a reason to buy today, and to also buy from you again in the future.

Here’s how it works:

Print up a set of bounceback offers like 10% off, a free appetizer, $5 off a $20 purchase or a buy one get one deal.

Customer receive bounceback certificates at the time of their visit, but they are only redeemable for future visits to your bar. People have a hard time passing up a bargain (particularly in times like these) so if their initial experience with you is good, they’ll come back again to take advantage of the bounceback offer.

Bouncebacks are particularly useful for first time customers to your bar. If you can get them back two or three more times, they could become regulars.

To keep customers from waiting too long to return, set an expiration date on the bounceback certificates or to stimulate demand for a certain time frame, make them redeemable for a specific set of dates.

Source by E. Klages



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