Walt Disney World And Disneyland Money-saving Vacation Tips

Walt Disney World and Disneyland are renowned for their time-honored hospitality and wide scope of entertainment opportunities which make them some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. So it’s probably not a big leap that when you ask most people to think of a theme park, the first thought that comes to their minds is “Disney”. This is not an accident or coincidence.

Disney theme parks aren’t known as the places where “fantasies come true” for nothing, both for Disney fans and theme park enthusiasts alike. Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks are full of compelling, believable detail and home to countless characters that have beguiled generations for more than 50 years. They are synonymous with the great American family day out, so it’s no wonder that most adults associate the whole experience with childhood memories and take their own children back again and again.

They want you to come back and, believe me; you’ll want to go back. The kicker to going back repeatedly is that it can be a little (O.K., a lot!) cost prohibitive. There’s also a lot to do and see at a Disney theme park so don’t try to do everything all in one trip…you may not recover! If you’re planning an upcoming trip to one of the parks, spend a little time now and not big bucks later by doing a few things that are quick, easy and, better yet, free.

* Walt Disney World and Disneyland vacation planning has spawned its own cottage industry and there are several websites dedicated to helping you plan the best vacation for you and yours. A lot of them are travel agencies that specialize in Disney vacations while others are purely informational websites. Almost all of them have newsletters that you can subscribe to that can be full of special travel deals or just great information.

* Visit all the major airlines and sign up for their weekly email specials. Southwest Airlines usually has great deals on airfare and has an excellent all-in-one online vacation planner with deals on Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks. You also can book it all – air, rental cars, accommodations (even 5 bedroom rental homes), and park tickets – from their website.

* Check out your local library to see which “unofficial” Disney vacation guides they may have, especially if you don’t have that much vacation time and want to get really familiar with the park before you go. Most guides have a “must do’s” section for each park to help you make the most of your trip.

* Disney makes it pretty simple to plan a vacation, especially when you use their all-in-one online trip planning guide. Although you may find better deals elsewhere, it’s still a good idea to sign up for their email alerts. They are, after all, the experts on all things Disney. Be sure to request a free trip planning DVD. It’s excellent and serves as a great “video memory book” for your kids once they get home from the vacation!

These are good places to start, especially to get an idea of how much money you’re going to need. With that in mind, let’s take a look at just a few of the things that you’ll need to budget for:

* Travel expenses – plane, train or automobile (gas for your own car or cost of a rental)

* Length of stay

* Accommodations – Resort and area hotels, condos, rental homes

* Food – more choices than I can list…

* Souvenirs

* Special events – character dining, golf, scuba diving (EPCOT), etc.

* Park tickets – several options to choose from depending on your length of stay, park hopping options, meal packages, water parks, etc.

The bottom line is start now! Some of the special events are booked months in advance and the sooner you start planning, the better!

Kelley Falgout is a theme park enthusiast and publisher of http://www.FamilyThemeParkVacations.com, a vacation planning tool and continuously growing database of all theme parks, amusement parks and water parks located across the United States.