Everything About Water Parks

The enthralling loops, hairpin curves as well as dizzying heights found on the slides of a contemporary water park shoot the adrenaline to an unimaginable level. The water slides are a complete fun. Visiting aqua parks is an apt way to cool down at a time when indolence ambushes you in a scorching summer afternoon. A water park can exist both indoor and outdoor, designed for rendering an enjoyable experience to children and adults alike. Most water parks have brightly colored areas for making children swim and play.

How the water parks were formed?

It was somewhere around 1940s and ’50s that the concept of water park began taking shape. The idea was conceived by Mr. George Millay after he thought of a place, having marine displays, dolphins, restaurants, gift shops, swimming pools; he referred to the place as the sea world.

What are theme water parks?

To simply define, a theme water amusement park boasts a particular theme or setting that is evident from its construction. Primarily, there are two types of themes for aqua parks – beach and tropical.

1. Few water parks have a beach theme that requires them to have real sand to play; such an area is called a lagoon. Some parks – having beach theme – are decorated with plastic slides in the shape of palm tree.

2. Parks having tropical theme include heavy use of sprinkler equipment. Such parks mimic heavy showers and flourishing flora that are common to a tropical region.

General rides found at a water park?

In general, the most common ride found at a water park is that of a bumping boat. Similar to bumping cars, the bumping boats operate in a water-filled area. Also, a feel of lazy river is included in several water parks. Such an experience of lazy river is formed by sections having slow running water; people can float on such water sections, using tubes, rafts, and the like. Each of the water parks has a blend of relaxing and enthralling water rides.

Presently, the parks have hot tubs as well as wave pools to enhance the visitor’s experience. Furthermore, some large-sized parks include water slides of different sizes.

Ways to make a trip to water park memorable

Make the visit to Gurgaon Water Park memorable by planning everything. Some tips are listed below.

1. Get one-piece bathing suit instead of two. Although not a true sizzler in terms of fashion, but a one-piece suit is convenient to carry.

2. Carry a pair of water slippers. Concrete gets hot in summer, getting bare feet on it will hurt; therefore, it is best to pack a pair of water slippers.

3. Always get a plastic money holder; as whenever the paper gets wet, it takes long to dry.

4. Capture the enjoyable moments with a camera. However, a waterproof camera will help without hassles to capture the funny faces of kids and pals while on the slide.

5. Pick up a waterproof watch. If you don’t have one, then it is easily available in any watch shop.

6. Bring along sunscreen as it will be hard to bear the sweltering sun. Apply generous coatings of SPF over your body as well as face. Consider applying waterproof sunscreen as it will not be washed down even after continuous splashes.

Such tips, among many others, help you have the time of life in the Gurgaon amusement park.

I am Mr. Gian Vijeshwar, a Sweden based NRI with the primary objective to conceptualize and set up India’s first amusement park Appu Ghar.