About Our Site

ThrillNetwork is one of the longest running website for thrill seekers around the globe. Since its introduction to the World Wide Web in 2001, ThrillNetwork has become the place for thrill seekers to “Sit down, log in, and hang on!” as they exchange news, rumors, tips, and information about the amusement park industry. Whether it be roller coasters, theme parks, water slides, or other extreme thrill attractions, ThrillNetwork is a community where the adrenaline-minded can connect and share the excitement of always being on the edge. We are proud to have over 12,000 members who have been active within the amusement industry. We have incredibly knowledgeable members that have worked in the industry and some even have engineering degrees.

It’s All About You 



“Community isn’t built or befriended, it’s connected by offering and accepting. Community is affinity, identity, and kinship that make room for ideas, thoughts, and solutions. Wherever a community gathers, we aspire and inspire each other intentionally…and our words shine with authenticity.” -Liz Strauss

Alexander Westerman
Owner & Publisher

I’ve been around since day one. Can’t believe we’ve been together for over 13 years! Thank you for making ThrillNetwork an amazing experience. What an awesome ride!!!


Steven Heicher

I’ve been around since June 2001 (13 years)… largely retired from the day-to-day stuff but I still help plan direction of the site. During that time, I’ve experienced some of the top coasters, operated a couple of them (ride host at Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200 and Michigan’s Adventure’s Shivering Timbers), and still enjoy going to parks on occasion. I work as a systems administrator for a non-profit full-time, and outside of that, I am a trained storm spotter and small-time chaser, which has been a growing passion for the last several years.


Katie McCabe
Website Administrator

I’ve been around since 2005 just hanging around with all these guys. I have ridden over 300 roller coasters and I still want more! I love photography as well. A lot of the pics I have taken are on our Facebook and Twitter pages. I also enjoy a good movie and teaching my kids about the amusement industry.


Wes Connell

I joined TN in September of 2001, just months after the launch of the site. Besides writing, roller coasters and amusement parks, I sing, spend way too much time on Facebook, and enjoy cycling and boot camp-style workouts.


Tom Zeliff
Senior Editor

I’ve been on the site since 2001 as a member, moderator, admin, writer, and editor. I’m also the lead 3D modeller for NoLimits Coaster Simulator, avid coaster/theme park geek, and a father of bouncing baby boy who has some growing to do until he reaches 36, 42, 48, and 54 inch milestones. View my photography at: flickr.com/photos/ride_opAdd