Get Decent Disneyland Travel Deals and Enjoy Terrific Disney Rides

Disneyland Anaheim is a dream holiday for many people. It is well-liked by families and playful adults as well. In the United States, Disneyland is the second theme park to have full of activity. So, in planning out a Disneyland holiday you must know when the best time to go there is.

A tour around Disneyland will never be complete if you don’t get to visit and try the famous rides around the park. Disneyland has more or less 60 rides and other attractions. There are rides for kids, rides suitable to go to during humid days, thrill rides, coaster rides, and popular Disneyland rides. Here are some of the Disneyland rides you are sure to enjoy going to.

1. Splash Mountain. This is a half mile ride that has five drops that ends in a forty-five degree angle, fifty-two foot plunge at the speed of forty miles per hour.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This ride imitates a train swerving through a deserted mine complex.

3. Mickey’s House. Here you will see the famous rodent’s, Mickey Mouse, house that is cutely decorated.

4. Indiana Jones Adventure. A famous ride with a well adorned entrance. Guest will be en route to the Temple of Forbidden Eye. Considered as one of the unique rides with its vehicles bouncing, stuttering, starting, and stopping; you can even ride it for a hundred times and you won’t ever experience the same thing twofold.

5. Peter Pan’s Flight. The kids will experience flying as their vehicles are hovering from above.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean. You will be traveling by a boat ride that stops all of a sudden in a middle of a pirate attack; then cannons will be blasting and there will be blazing fires.

7. Matterhorn Bobsleds. You will be pulled up to eight stories far above the ground and will be sent flying down to the ground.

8. Haunted Mansion. This quintessential ride features ghosts residing in a haunted retirement dwelling.

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