Hong Kong Disneyland Park- fun, frill and frolicking

The all world famous Hong Kong Disneyland is a world class theme park and resort. If you are in Hong Kong, there is no way you can miss out visiting this piece of heaven. The wonder place is located on the Lantau Island and is a 30-minute mass transit railway ride from the Central Hong Kong.

The place is magical. You will experience all sorts of Broadway style shows. There are festivals for the Lion King, and the Golden Mickey. You can find 3D movies and music at the Mickey’s Philharmagic. Then you get signatured Disney goodies as well. Click pics with the Disney friends. The fireworks display is just amazing. You can take part in the parades as well.

Now, in the Hong Kong Disneyland, which comes as a part of the Hong Kong Disneyland package, you can visit all the four themed islands. These are called the Main Street USA, the Adventure Land, the Fantasyland, and the Tomorrowland. Each of the island has its own stores that specialise in some or the other thing. You can get memorabilia and souvenirs. The places abound in restaurants also. And the food is splendid. In short, your trip to the Hong Kong Disneyland is going to be a memorable one.
Now, if you are worried how you will commute between the islands, well, the Hong Kong holiday packages cover even that. The transport between the islands and the restaurants is included in it.

The best thing about the Hong Kong Disneyland is that it is probably one of the newest Disneylands in the world, and yet it perhaps one of the best. It is a must see place and there are just so many attractions to check out. The Chinese culture reflects and that makes it all the more fantastic. When walking with your favourite disney characters, you will obviously feel a sense of accomplishment. The Disney Theme hotels are a feather in the cap.

The first theme park is the Main Street USA. Here you can find delicate buildings, dim gas lamps and Paddy Wagon. There are antique taxis, the famous Disney railroad and the City Hall transports. You can see magic being recreated right in front of your eyes.

The Adventure Land will be guided by Jungle River Cruise. It is entirely a jungle experience.
Next is the Fantasyland. Here you can find the Cinderella Carrousel, the Sword in the Stone, the Many adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the Sleeping beauty castle, Snow White Grotto, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and all your favorite characters from childhood.

The next stop is the Tomorrow land. The roller coaster will leave no time for you to look at the stars because you will be busy shouting and screaming in the Space Mountain.

Lastly, dine in your choice of Disney themed restaurant and relax for the night.

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