Modern Travel Attractions for Ultimate Dubai Holiday {image]

Dubai; a traditional Middle Eastern pit stop for Eurasian trade; emerged as an elegant and fun global travel destination. In middle of Sahara desert, this emirate is more than just one of 7 emirates of UAE. Dubai has class, style and luxury. It has tallest building in the world and the only self-proclaimed 7 star hotel in the world too. In this world of emerging superlatives, Dubai holiday package has a lot more to offer than the belly dance in desert, emirate cuisine and historic architecture. So, indulge away.


This is the tallest building the world with 162 storeys tower. A true external marvel on the Dubai skyline is loaded with offices, homes, shops and a Giorgio Armani Hotel. The modern design and state-of-the-art ambiance has the cool air of global city. This modern marvel allures all travellers. But, more importantly, it is part of the most popular Dubai holiday packages as it is city’s pride and honour.

Wild Wadi Waterpark:

This waterpark is rocking roller-coaster with several fun rides and delightful fast food. Be it cool themes of the water adventures or umpteen number restaurants c, lasting fun spirit of this waterpark is contagious and perfect for a day trip in Dubai. There is no better way of having group fun of family fun in Dubai holiday packages indeed. But, a visit to a park is the best way to celebrate birth days, anniversaries, etc.

Dubai Creek:

With Dubai port, this creek is more than the seawater up the alley. Go on a romantic night cruise when all of delightful Dubai skyline lights up with to flaunt glamorous vista. Alternatively half day sightseeing trip is not bad either. Take a chance glance on Dubai’s hottest landmarks as you cruise through Dubai creek and enjoy opportune moments where you soak in the grandeur and style of modern Dubai. This can be the best part of your travel package as modern Dubai sights are a great delight.

Dubai Mall:

A insanely big mall is pride and true sign of Dubai shopping experience. With 1.2 million square ft retail space, this Dubai mall is hottest retail and entertainment space. In addition to the best place in Dubai for some shopping therapy, this mall has Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, which is unique way to witness the enchanting marine life. In addition, it has Dubai ice rink, movie multiplexes, indoor theme park and a real fossil of 150 million year old dinosaur. It is fun for people of all ages and choices indeed. Fact is, when you are on Dubai holiday package, you cannot afford to Miss Dubai mall. That’s it.

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