Ocean Park Hyderabad: For Unlimited Fun In The Pearl City!

For unlimited fun and unsurpassed joy, visit Ocean Park Hyderabad which is a theme park dedicated for both adults and children. This amusement park stands beautifully amidst 20 acres of green lush land and the water used is crystal clear and sparkling. This park is located in CBIT Road, Gandipet, Hyderabad and is well connected by APSRTC. Great care and concern is taken to maintain the park in top standards and no wonder it is bestowed with the credits of being one of the best water parks in India. The miniature ocean which is created gives one the feeling of having actually played in the real Ocean!

The fun rides and thrills are designed in such a way that both adults and kids have a lot of fun and all safety measures are also incorporated. Some of the rides that can be enjoyed here are dry-rides-super loop, bumping cars, wave pool, water slides, rides kiddies pool, slam bomb, etc. This park is divided into two sections which consist of water sports section and amusement games section. Those people who are afraid of playing in the water or do not want to get wet can enjoy the amusement games and thrills which are also of world-class standards. But there is no greater fun than enjoying the water games with your kids and it is a fact that every adult revert back to their childhood days when they indulge in playing water games!

Ocean Park Hyderabad: Revert Back to Your Childhood Days!

Equally thrilling and unique are the amusement games and thrills and it is enjoyed by kids and adults alike which is evident from the shrieks of happiness and joy that resounds in this area! It’s a great thrill for children to sit in ships and trains which go in half circles and full circles and equally thrilled are the youngsters and adults who enjoy these rides. The giant teacups which circulate in air are also a very thrilling ride and children scream and hoot with sheer joy and ecstasy. And the most thrilling game is the dropdown from a height of 60 feet into water and this water game is enjoyed by one and all!

Ocean Park Hyderabad has separate sections of games demarcated for different age groups and the kids can enjoy in fountains and wading pool whereas the adults have water slides. Similarly kids can enjoy the huge air filled balloon, take a ride in the toy train, helicopters, and enjoy a multitude of video games. The adults on the other hand can enjoy single loop roller coaster, tora tora ride which is a ride in which a ship goes to different sides creating sheer terror and joy in the riders! Children also have water rides like wide slide, mushroom umbrella, floating bridge, water screen, tube slide, etc. Open the doors to fun and frolic and enjoy a wonderful time with your family in this theme park, the pride of the twin cities!

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