Some Unknown Facts About Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios theme parks have made a name for themselves as amazing attractions for the younger generations to see attractions that are themed after their favorite action packed movies. These theme parks offer a wide variety of events and things to do that make them fun for teens on up through most adults. At different points in the year many of the Universal Studios theme parks offer holiday programs and events that give a special attraction and fun to the crowds that entire. The only thing that is better than tickets to a Universal Studios theme park is discount tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood.

What is Universal Studios Hollywood?

This Universal Studios theme park has actually been around for fifty years and has been a mainstay of attractions in the Los Angeles area. Of course there are several things you don’t know about this park and here are some of them:

* At one time admission and lunch was only 25 cents – Like many other attractions in the heyday of the beginning of the theme park the admission for the Studio Tour and a lunch only cost a quarter.

* At one time the main attraction was the “Glamour Tram” which took visitors around on the Studio Tour. This cost only $ 2.50 to ride and gave you a view of the studios and a chance to spot some stars.

* The tour guides used to be relatives of the celebrities and some of the filmmakers. This was one way to ensure a business that was family oriented and fully invested. Sometimes it takes a lot of people doing many jobs in order to make things work.

* We know the park as a place of adventure and some scary attractions but ones that were in place in the past were must scarier and stranger than they are now. This gave visitors quite a fright.

* Expansion is part of most theme parks and this one expanded to allow for the multitude of visitors that visit it now. At first only 38,000 visitors were allowed but after the first year owners realized expansion was imminent.

* Even though the park opened in 1964 it wasn’t until 1991 that a stand-alone ride was introduced which was the E.T. Adventure which no longer exists as of today.

* Jim Carrey actual showed up on the tour and hung out with the visitors of the park. The park is an actual working studio and this was not normal, but of course neither is Jim Carrey.

* Some stars used to hang out at different parts of the lot to see if they could be recognized, usually this occurred before they became famous and is how Jason Alexander spent some of his time before he starred on Seinfeld.

Whether you get some great discount tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood or you have to pay full price the adventure and experience are certainly well worth the price of admission. This theme park and actual working movie studio allows you to walk around and enjoy the fun and amazement of the movie industry on a warm day or during a great event. Take a look at the park schedule and see what event sounds like fun.

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