The New Jersey Waterpark: A Fun Way To Motivate Employees {image]

Increase morale, encourage team building, and treat your valuable employees to a day of fun by holding a company picnic at a New Jersey waterpark. Boring company picnics are a thing of the past. Showing you care about employees and their families by hosting fun, employee-centric events is the new philosophy of today’s forward-thinking companies.

Making your company picnic an occasion to remember isn’t difficult if you concentrate on everyone having a great time. For businesses close to the Jersey Shore, there are several exciting entertainment opportunities to help make your company picnic memorable.

Think of Your Picnic as a Mini Vacation

Many event planners make the mistake of arranging a company picnic in the same manner as a corporate meeting. While the benefits to employees are business motivated, company picnics should be fun! When planning your event, think of it as a big party or a family vacation.

Renting hotel ballrooms with rows of folding chairs is just too business-like for a company picnic event. By staying away from hotels and focusing on entertaining locations with plenty of activities, you will ensure a successful event that will raise the morale of your employees.

Consider Having the Event Catering

The opportunity to spend an afternoon outside in the sun is much more appealing than indoor events. Outdoor picnics promote a family feel instead of a corporate atmosphere. With sunshine, fresh air, and families, employees can connect with each other and deepen a sense of commitment they feel toward your company.

If you hold your company picnic in a New Jersey waterpark that offers catering, planning the event becomes even simpler. Instead of having co-workers bogged down with food preparation tasks, everyone has the opportunity to develop and enhance employee friendships.

By combining catering, games, and entertainment with the exciting and leisurely location of a New Jersey waterpark, the memories of your company picnics will become legends for years to come.

There’s Plenty of Entertainment in New Jersey Waterparks

And if all of these reasons weren’t enough to consider holding your company picnic at a New Jersey waterpark, there is still another benefit – the thrilling rides! With all-day, all-access passes, every employee and member of their family will have a great time.

Several of the New Jersey waterpark locations offer a corporate program, giving employees complete access to all of the rides at a low discount cost. The nominal investment made in an outstanding corporate picnic pays back many times its monetary cost in the form of increased productivity and higher employee retention.

Regardless of where you choose to host your next company picnic, be sure to choose a location that is fun and memorable for employees. After all, this is their day – the day where the company works hard to please the employee to thank them for working hard all year long.

Christine O’Kelly is an author for Morey’s Pier, the Wildwood vacations hotspot featuring two exciting New Jersey waterpark locations, amusement rides, dining, and lively hotels.


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