Walt Disney World Holidays – What You Should Know About Dining on Your Disney Christmas Vacation

Are you planning a visit during the Walt Disney World holidays? A Disney vacation during the Christmas season can be especially magical, filled with fun, festivity, and good food as well. This article will focus on what you should know about meals at Disney World during this time of year, and some strategies for the best way to plan a Disney vacation to make the most of your time and dining budget.

First of all, when making your dining plans….and if you are going between Christmas and New Year’s you MUST make dining plans….you need to realize that you will be at Walt Disney World during the busiest time of the year. While this does not mean that you can’t have a wonderful vacation, what it does mean is that you have to plan ahead, because you will be visiting with many, many, many other people.

So the first tip is to make your dining plans in advance, and if you plan to have any table service meals, make your Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) before you leave for Disney World. More importantly, if you are visiting during Christmas week, make them now.

It is important to understand that, when it comes to ADRs, Disney policy allows people the chance to make Advanced Dining Reservations months ahead of time, currently’0 days in advance. So this means that folks have been making ADRs for Christmas week for a long time now. The most popular restaurants and times fill quickly, especially for the big days of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. So it is not realistic to expect to just walk up and get a table during this week: you might get lucky, but why chance it? If table service dining is something you really want to do, then don’t delay on this.

So what happens if you can’t get ADRs for any of the restaurants you want? While the popular ones at the parks may be full, chances are the ones at the hotels are not: many are wonderful, and it is a great way to see some of the fantastic Holiday decorations at the resorts. While you may not be in the thick of things, it can be nice sometimes to have a little peace and quiet, away from the crowds at the theme parks.

Also consider eating meals at “off” times. Try having your main, table service meal for lunch instead of dinner. Eat early: lunch at 11, dinner at 5…or late: lunch at 2, dinner at 8. You may find crowds, especially for counter meals, to be a little lighter during these times.

Of course, typical advice about eating some meals in, especially if you have access to a kitchen, can be helpful. Many folks with these types of amenities in their accommodations actually do the entire turkey and fixings, which can be very nice and a great way to create some special memories….and save some money in the process.

So what is the best way to plan a Disney vacation during the Walt Disney World holidays when it comes to meals? Plan ahead. You will be rewarded with less stress for dining, and a wonderful trip filled with special holiday memories.

Nancy Bobby has been visiting Disney World (and doing it affordably) for over ten years, and has had 11 (and counting) family trips to Walt Disney World. To learn how to plan an affordable Disney family vacation, and to get a free Disney vacation planning bonus, visit www.theaffordablemouse.com.