Where to Dine at Universal Orlando Resort

Going to theme parks have been a favorite family bonding activity for so many decades and it can be quite expensive but the joy you see in your kids is just worth every dollar you spent. However, careful vacation planning can help any family avoid spending too much. Aside from the hotel accommodations and theme park admission tickets, dining can be pricey if you do not know if you have no idea where to go and what to do. If you are heading off to Universal Resort in Orlando, try getting the Universal Orlando Packages for the family. They are not only affordable but everything will be arranged for you. Just make sure you choose those with extra benefits such free transportation and free breakfast meals.

Dining at on-site restaurants and fast foods are inevitable and if you are on a limited budget, this could put a strain on your credit card. This is where those Universal Orlando Packages can be very useful. The money you can save from the discounted tickets and low hotel rates can give you enough money for dining expenses. However, if you have been saving up for this trip then you will be happy to know that dining places inside Universal Resort are not your usual overpriced bad theme park food with limited selections. They have different full-serviced and counter service restaurants.

If money is not a problem then you should try Mythos Restaurant at Universal Island’s of Adventure just behind the Dragon roller coasters. You will be quite surprised that they offer excellent food and ambience that are quite rare in theme parks. You can also go to Emeril’s at City Walk’s entertainment area. Food is obviously world-class as it is under the supervision of top American celebrity chef and restaurateur Emeril Lagasse. If you are looking for sumptuos grilled seafood, go to Lombard’s Seafood Grill located at Universal Studios.

For those who are looking for value meals, it would be better if you just purchase the Universal Meal Deal ticket. For a low price, you are entitled to one entrée platter complete with a dessert from any of the participating restaurant like The Burger Digs, Circus McGurkus Cagr Stoo-pendous and Comic Strip Café. You can eat as much as you can but can only get one value meal every time you go through the line. You can also get 1 Day Meal Deal Souvernir Cup which entitles you to unlimited softdrink from all partipating food outlets. Just remember that the validity of these meal tickets are up to thirty minutes before closing time.

These Universal Meal Deal tickes can be purchased online or at the front gate. If the prices are still beyond your budget, you had better bring the family to off-site restaurants as the prices are very affordable than those found inside the theme park. If by any chance you have chosen to stay in Disney World Condos from the Universal Orlando Packages, there are many restaurants around that area that offer great food without the expensive price tag. You can also choose to cook your favorite dish at the fully equipped kitchen that is provided in the condo units. Whichever way you choose, you will undoubtedly be able to work out something that will match your budget.

For more information about Universal Orlando Packages, please check out Disney World Condos.