Chicago Six Flags

Chicago Illinois, one of the few ranking largest cities within the boundaries of the United States of America, has many different aspects that could attract the avid big city vacationer. There is literally something in this massive urban panorama that will appeal to absolutely anyone. It is truly a city that is built upon diversity of interests. For example, for the sports fan, there is Cubs stadium, home of the famed baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. For the animal fans, there is the zoo among zoos, the Lincoln Park Zoo. For the outdoors type, there is one of the worlds’ largest freshwater lakes, Lake Michigan. There is even one particular attraction in Chicago that would appeal to just about anyone, regardless of your interest. This world-class attraction is none other than the famed Six Flags Adventure Park.

A Moment for Everyone

At Six Flags, you will find so much to do, regardless if you are traveling as a family, a couple, or just an individual. Most people make the mistake of thinking that Six Flags is merely a park with rides. While Six Flags does have an amazing amount of some of the countries highest ranking thrill rides, there are other things to do also, some oriented towards the children in your group, some for adults.

The Rides

As the rides go, Six Flags has almost forty fun filled rides for kids and adults of all ages and preferences. For those who like a good adrenaline pumping thrill ride, Six Flags has just the ones for you. A good example of one of these is the Iron Wolf. This is a ride where you stand up instead of setting down on the roller coaster. This one is actually the tallest stand up roller coaster in the entire world! How is that for excitement? If that isn’t enough for you, there is the ultimate roller coaster ride of all time the Raging Bull. This is the most extreme ride you will find here, as it is taller, faster and longer than any other. It is the first hyper-twister roller coaster ride to have ever been invented. There are many other rides, including those suitable for the younger children, such as the Roaring Rapids ride and the King Chaos ride.

Endless Hours of Fun

Beyond the tons of fun-filled rides to choose from, there are over one hundred various types of presentations and shows performed every single day. Your kids will thrill at seeing their favorite cartoon characters on stage performing just for them. The entire family will have a blast at the musical acts and the parades that go throughout the park on a regular basis. There are concerts and even real stunt shows for your amusement.

Regardless if you are the type who likes a nice leisurely ride down a mountain stream or a sixty mile per hour train track while standing up, you can rest assured that your vacation money and time will be well spent this year if you invest in a single day at the Chicago Six Flags amusement park.


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