Visiting Theme Parks in Ohio

All designed to keep visitors on their toes, Ohio has a great variety of theme parks. King’s Island and Cedar Point, its two largest parks, even have accolades of importance. While Cedar point has the worlds largest collection of roller coasters Kings Island has the worlds largest wooden roller coasters! But Ohio also has a wide variety of other theme parks and attractions that are all equally interesting to just about any type of visitor.

Amusement magazine has named Cedar Point, which is located 50 miles from Cleveland, the Best Amusement Park in the World for 11 straight years. Cedar Point has 75 rides including 17 roller coasters. It also has a mile long sandy beach and both indoor and outdoor water parks.

Several large hotels are present within the grounds of Cedar Point for the convenience of patrons. The guests of these hotels are also offered early entry as a reward for staying with them and they get to enter an hour before anyone else.

Coney Island is also in Ohio, located near Cincinnati. It has a large water park as well as the more traditional ‘land based’ rides. Coney Island also has The Sunlite Pool, which is the world’s largest recirculating pool. With around 3 million gallons of water setting on 2 aches of land it is worth a visit even for the sightseers, and is great fun for everyone.

Kings Island, another very popular theme park, is also located in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a theme park it is the second most visited in the United States and is only beaten by Cedar Point itself. The Beast is one of the most famous roller coasters in the country and can be found at Kings Island along with Son of the Beast, the Racers, and the Vortex. There are also a great number of rides specifically for the young visitors to King’s Island including The Beastie, a mini roller coaster.

To go along with all these great land rides King’s Island is connected to a very popular water park. Entrance to Boomerang Bay is included in the ticket price of King’s Island and visitors can enjoy both for the price of one. For easy access a walkway and a train connects these parks.

In the 1970’s King’s Island had a great swell in its popularity when it was featured on a Brady Bunch episode. The whole family, lead by Father Brady, enjoyed a Varity of the parks rides including the Racers while they went to look at a project Father Brady had been working on.

A less obvious attraction, since it’s not a theme park, in Ohio is The Jungle Jim International Market. While it is really a grocery store you honestly have to pay it a visit to believe it. With over 12,000 different types of wine for sale and 1,400 kinds of cheese, it is one of Ohio’s most popular sites for visitors. Jungle Jim’s is also home to a 10,000 square foot events centre for anyone in the need.

Ohio also boasts several family fun entertainment complexes such as Magic Mountain, which features mini-golf and go-carts, the EnterTrainment Center that is railroad themed, and the Hocking Valley Canoe Livery and Fun Center. There really is something for everyone, and for all ages, when it comes to Ohio’s theme parks.

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