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A trip to Walt Disney World is not complete without a visit to the Disney-MGM Studios and the Sorcerer’s Hat. When MGM Studios inaugurated this section of the park in 1989, it was created to give a whole new side of Hollywood Boulevard. With a touch of art deco from the minute you walk in, you can take rides that transport you to yesteryears or maybe catch a glimpse of the behind the scenes and how movies are made.

As you walk in, you are overwhelmed with the Sorcerer’s Hat that stands tall, a fitting tribute to the Disney movie Fantasia, apart from this you can’t miss the Earfell Water Tower that looks like a Mickey Mouse. Every aspect of this theme park will make you smile and reminisce those days when you enjoyed all those animated movies with your family. A lovely place to bond with your children and take a sneak peek into things you did not know existed.

If you have planned your trip well, and your Walt Disney World Resort vacation gives you adequate time in all the parks, you can take the Backlot tour. Be warned that it could take upto an hour and the queue at times is very long and frustrating, but if you are a movie buff, you should ride this. Initially you will see videos showing how movies are made, and if you are lucky, you could participate in one of the scene recreations.

Next you hop on a train that weaves through tunnels and passages each with their own share of adventures. The best is the Catastrophe Canyon which will leave you dazzled and baffled and a bit wet. Filled with special effects and water splashing from here and there, this ride is one that everyone will enjoy.

Always been curious to see what goes on behind making an animation movie, visit the magic of Disney Animation or take a chance at, who wants to be a millionaire setting. You can also watch a variety of entertainment shows such as, Indiana Jones or Beauty and the Beast in the amphitheaters. Or maybe catch the Playhouse Disney, which is played live on the stage everyday for about 20-30minutes.

To wet your appetite you can indulge in the Indiana Jones ice cream parlor or have fresh popcorn anywhere in the Sorcerer’s Hat venue. For more interesting food, check out the Catalina’s Eddie in Sunset Boulevard section where you get everything from apple pie to a hot cup of coffee at reasonable prices. But if you don’t want to miss any bit of the show, pick up the food and get to the venue early.

At Disney World, they have thought of everything. If you are restricted to a wheelchair, all rides and adventures are fitted with ramps and you can enjoy them with others. For those who have hearing problems, there are interpretors who use sign language, but make sure to book one atleast a week or so in advance.

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