Business Purpose – Don’t Follow Your Passion, Find a Purpose

What’s your business purpose? Even before making money, the most basic business purpose is to create a customer. Let’s find yours.

It’s a given (with me, anyway) that your business enriches the customer as it enriches you. Win-win beats any other model any day.

To create a customer, you must find out what your customer needs. Then supply it. If you supply it better than anyone else can, your business will thrive and your customers will be raving fans.

What’s Your Passion?

So often we’re told to build a business based on one of our passions. That’s great advice if you’re into golf, as that’s a rich area full of delicious niches. If, like me, you’re into all kinds of nerdy things few people give a hoot about, your business will go nowhere.

Far Better to Find Your Purpose

Your purpose can be something entirely unrelated to whatever you do in your business. Whether you sell drapes or cruise ships, your purpose might be like Paul Newman’s. He wanted to help make the world a better place with his philanthropic endeavors. Did he do it acting? No. He sold salad dressing, popcorn and such.

Did it matter what he sold? No, he made sure he sold what people buy, so his business provides money for his philanthropy. He maybe had a passion for salad dressing, but I’m positive his purpose gave direction and oomph to his business every day.

Or your purpose could be part of your business.

What’s Your Niche?

I’m in the business of ______ and my core purpose is ______. Can you fill in the blanks? Your purpose is related to your USP but doesn’t explain how you’re different from your competition.

Write down your ideas and refine them. Make your purpose:

  • Something you can achieve. A park or world peace? You decide.
  • Simple and easy to remember. Disney is “Keeping alive the magic of childhood.”
  • Customer-focused. What’s uppermost in their minds? Solving their problems.
  • Expandable with new technologies. When you “conquer” your niche, can you extend your reach?

Purpose, Purpose! Get Your Purpose Right Here!

If only a vendor sold great purposes like hot dogs, eh? A good business purpose helps every employee know how best to use time and resources for achieving company goals. This works even if you are the only employee. If you’re not focused, your business flounders.

Source by Karen Wehrle



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