Famous Tourist Attractions You Should Visit in South Carolina

To make your vacation worthwhile, it would be best to visit locations which have made the place known all across the country and even worldwide. That is why, if you wish to be a fulfilled tourist in South Carolina, you must not fail to visit and check out its famous tourist attractions on your trip.

If you want to understand further the rich history of a specific location like that of the city of Charleston, you can do so by checking out all its museums, visiting its parks and view the varied architectural structures which provides answers to your queries on the rich past of the city.

Myrtle Beach is also another famous tourist destination in South Carolina. It is a very ideal location during a very hot weather wherein you can just relax in its gorgeous sands or have a dip at the cool beach. This is known to many tourists. That is why if you are going there, tazer stun guns would be ideal for your safety.

You can also experience extreme fun and adventure especially when you check out the Wild Water and Race Theme Park. There are numerous kinds of rides and your kids would surely enjoy their stay there. A whole day in this amusement park would already bring you and your family loads of entertainment.

For additional education and amusement in your trip, you must check out the New Charleston Lighthouse which stands erect even up to these times. It was a structure which has passed many reconstruction processes because of its great significance to the city. It would be great if you have a picture standing near the structure.

Dupont Planetarium is a must-see location especially for those who love to gaze for the stars and different heavenly bodies at night. It is the perfect spot to look at the skies at night because of its high technology devices. You can also have the chance to view its different exhibits if you like.

Spartanburg County Museum of Art is a location in South Carolina that you must not fail to check out especially when you have the passion on this kind of field. You will have the chance to witness the masterpieces of local artists, those within the region and national artists as well. You can take your time and appreciate their works of art.

The state never runs out of places that describe its rich history because you can also see what Heritage Corridor Region 3 Discovery Center has to offer to you. They have displays or exhibits that will help you understand what happened during the past especially of the Union Army headed by General William T. Sherman.

Sumter County Museum would complete the places that will provide you with all the historical facts that you need. Many people visit the location and you can jump from one museum to another and choose from the many camping sites nearby if you wish to stay for the night. Using a stun gun flashlight for safety, while camping near the museums, is a good idea.

These are the famous tourist attractions in South Carolina that you must visit on your vacation in the state.

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