Hallowed Eves provides an unforgettably bizarre experience for folks who enjoy thrill rides and…

Hallowed Eves provides an unforgettably bizarre experience for folks who enjoy thrill rides and…

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For horror enthusiasts, the weeks leading up to Halloween are the best time of year—what’s not to love about zombies, ghosts, and monsters?

From October 8 to 31, Playland will once again transform into a spooky Halloween-themed experience that’ll surely pump adrenaline into your veins. The Caravan of Curiosities will arrive at the East Vancouver amusement park, alongside contortionists, fire breathers, and Chippy, a resentful puppet who longed to be the star of the show.

Those brave enough to attend must be prepared to encounter Chippy as he seeks revenge, in hopes of becoming the Ringmaster of the Sideshow.

In addition to hair-raising sounds and creepy décor, attendees can enjoy thrill rides, scary characters, and live performances that will leave them awestruck. These include fire and swordplay shows, stunts, and circus arts.

& the is a living testament to the peculiar tricks that humans can do. This spine-chilling show is directed by Vancouver’s only modified dragon man, Burns the Dragon.

Contortionist will also be performing at Hallowed Eves. Audiences will enjoy the otherworldly nature of contortion as she balances, bends, and twists her way into unimaginable poses. 

Circus lovers will greatly appreciate one-of-a-kind performance. Along with teaching at Vancouver’s Cause & Effect Circus, he’s on a personal quest to further his object-manipulation skills, otherwise known as juggling.

Last but not least is , a powerhouse sideshow performer that draws inspiration from theatrics, traditional circus, and cabaret. She’s eager to take audiences on a strange, yet unforgettable, adventure.

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Between watching performances, guests can explore the amusement park that’ll be crawling with terrifying monsters, reanimated dolls, and mutant carnivores that have broken out of their cages.

Event admission includes access to more than 15 exhilarating rides like the Beast, Hellevator, AtmosFear, Music Express, Sea-to-Sky Swinger, Enterprise, Dizzy Drop, and more.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite from being scared silly, swing by Playland’s famous Triple O’s for a burger and fries. Hallowed Eves also features new flavours of candy floss, FunDunkers’ iced mini donuts, and deep-fried Kit Kat Zombie Fingers. The scariest part of the evening will be seeing how many mini donuts you can scarf down in succession—two dozen is child’s play.

Adults can visit the Ride Side Bar & Patio for a refreshing Moscow mule or spiked hot chocolate on the patio. The bar also offers a selection of beer, wine, and other ready-to-drink beverages.

To ensure safety of guests, the indoor haunted houses will not be operating and all vendors have moved to a cashless payment system.

Before entering the amusement park, people will need to show (digital or printed) along with a piece of government-issued ID.

Tickets must be purchased in advance at

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