Magic Music Days At Disneyland

Magic Music Days At Disneyland

We normally associate Disney Land with fun and frolic and kids. Apart from entertainment, Disney land has contributed its bit to education of the young in one way or the other. One such program, Disneyland Magic Music Days program, is an educational program for students of music, vocal arts, or dance.

Your group has the chance to demonstrate its natural endowment and to better it in a background that elevates learning and also have fun doing it. The program is available all year, and is open to schools, studios, and other organizations worldwide after auditioning for the program.

Workshops are held by professional maestros in the fields of acting, choreography, comedy, dancing, composing, singing, arranging, music, and conducting, who focus on ameliorating the specific talent of each member of the group. It is hard to find in one place a combination of such a gifted faculty which has made its name in Hollywood and New York amongst other places in the world.

Different type of groups and individuals can audition on different platforms. For example instrumental and vocal groups and dancers can audition to perform on one of Disneyland stages and marching bands for the famous Disneyland parades.
Disneyland Magic Music Days is an experience by it self wherein along with performing at the happiest and most lovable place on earth you get the benefits of world class workshops to add to your talent.

Soundtrack/instrumental workshop, the soundtrack jazz workshop, the tune in seminar, and the percussion workshop for instrumental groups and marching bands: the industry show choir workshop, academy show choir workshop, the academy vocal workshop, the industry vocal workshop, and the express yourself workshop for vocalists the industry dance workshop, academy dance workshop, and the express yourself workshop for dancers: Disneyland Magic Music Days has it all and for all performers. Special workshops are arranged for vocalists and vocalists groups.

Being at Disneyland Magic Music Days in once in a life time opportunity for your group. The performance alone will be an event to remember whereas the information and breeding that the young performers will acquire is priceless.

Each member of each group receives an 8 x 10 glossy picture of their entire group, in full performance attire, in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Although you will not need any help remembering your time at Disneyland Magic Music Days, this photo is an excellent souvenir to share with your friends and loved ones on return from the most unforgettable performance and talent enhancement that you will ever have.

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