Monstruous Roller Coaster Begins Construction, Will Shatter Competition

Monstruous Roller Coaster Begins Construction, Will Shatter Competition

Credit: Cedar Point – Top Thrill 2

Cedar Point is gearing up for once again holding the title for the tallest, fastest roller coaster. The new roller coaster announced today will rival its competitors, leaving them in the dust.

Credit: Inside The Magic / Cedar Point

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Cedar Point – Roller Coaster Capitol of the World

If you’ve been living under a rock, Cedar Point is home to the most roller coasters in one theme Park. The location also celebrates its 150th anniversary of being around northeast Ohio. Built in Sandusky in 1870, Cedar Point has been home to some of the most thrilling and exciting rides known to man—such passages as Magnum XL200, Gatekeeper, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster. But the Dragster shut down in August of 2021 after a piece flew off the coaster and struck a woman in the head, severally injuring her and changing her life forever. Back in August of 2021, a part flew off of the Top Thrill Dragster, leading to a 44-year-old woman getting hit in the head as she stood in line. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for severe life-threatening injuries. State investigators were brought in to conduct thousands of maintenance page reviews, witness reports, and laboratory testing. The division concluded that Cedar Fair was found not guilty due to “insufficient evidence” that the theme Park violated any laws or rules in Ohio that led to the unfortunate accident.

It should be noted that the woman in question is suing Cedar Point for damages in medical bills pilling up past $2 million. The attraction has been shut down since 2021, with a retheming announced today. Construction has swiftly begun as the Northeast Ohio theme Park looks to blow the competition out of the water.

Credit: Cedar Point

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Top Thrill 2 Quickly Begins Construction

Many construction updates are pouring in from around the theme Park community as Top Thrill 2, announced just hours ago, begins to take shape inside Cedar Point in Northeast Ohio.

Theme Park Predictions on Twitter posted the above images, showing a repost tweet from another user who took photos of massive new steel beam supports arriving yesterday at the theme Park. The same Twitter user also posted the following images just six hours ago:

You can see how massive this coaster will be as records will be broken in Cedar Point’s attempt to once again reign as coaster King regarding height and speed. The top spike will be significant and will rival its competitors. New concept photos will give this new roller coaster life as it will look different from the ride everyone knew and loved. But the new roller coaster will bring new thrills and excitement to Cedar Point when it opens in 2024. No official date has been revealed for this ride, but with the theme Park operating May through October, it could be speculated that the attraction could open sometime in May with how construction is going so far.



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