Orbeez Aquarium Review

A recently released addition to the Orbeez line of toys is the Sponge Bob Basketball Aquarium. An Orbeez toy is one that emphasizes the unique properties of the Orbeez material. When dry they are like tiny beads, but when you place them in water they expand to many times their original volume. Once they have been in water for several hours they are soft, squishy, bouncy, shiny, slick, and just plain fun to play with. Here we want to take a closer look at the Orbeez Sponge Bob Basketball Aquarium, and how the Orbeez can be used with this new play set.

With the basketball aquarium your child will have hours of endless activity time playing one on one basketball using the included water tank. The tank and all included attachments are decorated with a cute Sponge Bob Square Pants them. At the bottom of the tank is a jelly like material that gives the appearance of an ocean wonder land. The water tank has a pump attached to the top of it which is used to bubble air through the water, which makes the Orbeez float to the surface. Once this has been done you can try to make basketball hoops with them, and possibly take turns with a play friend. You can make up your own games to play, or choose to play one of the games that can be found in the included activity book.

The Sponge Bob Aquarium comes complete with a water tanks that holds approximately two thousand Orbeez, and is even safe for fish. You will also see in the box two bubble blowing buys and basketball hoops that are sued for the Sponge Bob hoops games. The tank comes with an attached aerator, lid, and colorful ocean bottom. This unit also comes with over two thousand Orbeez beads in three different colors, and additional refill packs can give you more colors. A sixteen page activity book is included along with detailed instructions. The entire kit is very will put together and complete. One really great think about Orbeez is that how much fun you can have depends on how much creativity and imagination you decided to apply when using them.

You can purchase additional Orbeez packs to add more colors or replace any of the balls that have become damaged. This play kit is completely compatible with all of the other Orbeez kits including the lava lamp, magic maker, and form makers. The manufacturer recommends that this toy be used with children that are ages five and older. The water tank holds about two quarts and is about ten inches high, four inches across, and ten inches wide and will easily fit on a table top. You can find this Orbeez kit at most online retailers for around fifteen dollars not including taxes and shipping. I found this item extremely difficult to find in stock at my local big box retailers like Walmart and Target.

Source by Elijiah Rampart



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